Today, I wanted to share with you a beautiful polish named Boom Boom from Sinful Colors. I didn’t realise till changing my nail polish that I have a huge collection that is unswatched (Expect a lot of NOTD posts!), so thought I best start to working through them.

I am a huge fan of sinful Colors, I’m not sure how many I own (Look out for the reviews coming, but here’s a link to the ones swatched so far), but Boom Boom was actually the first one I ever bought.

Sinful Colors in Boom Boom

Sinful Colors in Boom Boom

Boom Boom is a beautiful bright fuchsia colour, one of those that is great most of the year round. I admit fuchsia is one of those colours I namely wear in Spring when I need to purge and rid myself of the blackcurrent and red shades, but I find it’s very wearable towards the end of Summer too (It pains me to write that its almost the end of Summer!).

Sinful Colors in Boom Boom

Although Sinful Colour nail varnishes come in different finishes (They have one to suit everyone I believe, including a GEL range that’s coming shortly and I’m super excited about – I read that on their Facebook page!!), I tend to stick to the glosses as I love a nice high gloss finish. Their gloss formulas do not disappoint when it comes to shine, in fact I always liken them to Barry M Gelly nail varnishes as they have a very similar finish.

Boom Boom lasts really well on my nails too, although out of all the Sinful Color polishes this one does take a while too dry – so allow for that. I find that sometimes this is the case with different shades across brands (No idea why?!).

Sinful Colors in Boom Boom

Sinful Colors in Boom Boom - Swatch

Sinful Colors in Boom Boom – Swatch

Overall, I love this polish and its my second bottle – so it must be good. The Sinful Colors range is really good and well priced so fits all budgets (Including my daughters who also have bought their polishes too out of their pocket money).

The Sinful Colors range cost £1.99 each which is a superb price, I really recommend them!

For more information on Sinful Colors, why not check them out at Boots online?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx