NOTD: Orly Red Flare

Time for another nail of the day post I feel – my nails are looking slightly worst for wear and I recently bought this beautiful Orly nail varnish in Red Flare. Two birds one stone… A new nail of the day post and beautiful looking nails.

I have 3 favourite brands of nail polish and Orly has always been one of them. I find their nail varnish lasts really well, looks great and although a little more expensive than some is one I often use and trust on clients too.

I usually pick up my Orly shades from the wholesalers, but I had a voucher to use on Amazon and found this gorgeous ‘true red’ polish on there for £6.18. Slightly more than I usually pay for them, but still I’m not complaining.

The swatches below are with 2 coats of Orly Red Flare polish. I have not applied a top coat over it just so you can see it’s beautiful gloss finish!


Red is usually my Winter colour, but with all the rubbish weather we have had lately I wasn’t feeling my Spring Brights or Nudes.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx