Friday fun here today, was wondering what to do as my Friday ‘Nail of the Day’ (I always like to do my nails for the weekend even if I’m not going out anywhere nice!) and in my post I received 3 beautiful Nails Inc nail varnishes! What better way than to recreate the Nude and Neon trends at present and use all 3!

The very beautiful (Left to Right); Carnaby Street, Kensington Park Road and Floral Street

First thing you need to do is start with a neutral base colour. For this I used Nails Inc Floral Street. Its a slightly off white nail varnish with a nice medium gloss finish. Perfect for the base of my nude and neon nails. Any light nude nail varnish would do (Taupes, Pinks, creams, peaches, lilacs would all work well with this look).I painted on 3 coats of Floral Street as I wanted perfect coverage and being so pale it needed a serious application.

A close up swatch of Nails Inc Floral Street

Then about 1 third down my nail I drew a line across with Carnaby Street (A beautiful bright Canary coloured yellow with a medium gloss) and filled in the to the nail edge – creating a yellow tip. I did this on my thumb, middle and little fingers.

For those wanting to see a swatch of Carnaby Street on a bare nail here is one on my thumb (3 coats).

On my index and ring fingers I then repeated the process but this time with Kensington Park Road (A gorgeous Bright Aqua medium gloss).

For those wanting to see a swatch of Kensington Park Road on a bare nail here is one on my index finger (3 coats).

I found with the tips that they only needed 1 coat, however they did need quite some time to dry so allow a good 5-10 minutes between coats if you decide to add more. This is not a quick nail look less you have some nail freeze or quick drying spray (Although this can effect the coats you apply after the spray or drops).

If you have any varnish on your skin you can easily wipe this away with a cotton bud/q-tip and a little amount of nail varnish remover – careful not to get any on the nails though!

Your hand which you are less confident may take a little longer, or you could have a girlie night and get a friend to help!

You are left with neon and nude nails which look fab, eye catching and bang on trend at present! This can be done with any colours; you could easily team it with a bright pink (Nails Inc Notting Hill Gate) or maybe a beautiful bright coral (Review and swatch here of Portobello Road) or my all time favourite a cobalt blue (Nails Inc Baker Street Review and Swatch here).

Nails Inc polishes are prices at £11 and can be bought online from Nails Inc and some Boots and Debenhams stores.

Please send me your links if you recreate this look, or tweet me! I’d love to see what you come up with too!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx