NOTD: Nails Inc OMP!

Hating my previous toe nail varnish (I’ve white tips on my fingers at present so have not been painting them) I decided it was time to change it. I have a lot of nail varnishes, some would say too many! But I still couldn’t find a nail varnish that took my fancy then remember this little gem that I’d not tried yet. It was part of the free offer in NOTW (With Atomic) some time ago and had been sitting on a shelf doing nothing.

Here is Nails Inc OMP! by Fabulous;

Nails Inc. OMP! by Fabulous without flash (2 Coats)

Nails Inc. OMP! by Fabulous with flash (2 Coats)

I love its bright coral pink shade, it has a nice shine too it (Not too glossy) and I always find Nails Inc varnishes very wearable with staying power.

Hope you like it!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx