NOTD: Nails Inc Magnetic Polish in Whitehall

The market has been flooded with magnetic polishes, yes we knew that would happen but did we know just how popular they could be? I will admit to having 8 now and I like to wear them reguarly. Magnetic polishes are probably my most commented on nail varnish that I wear and many people still haven’t crossed over too trying them. Today I would like to share with you a new one from the Nails Inc range which was sent to me. It is something rather special and fits in well with the Christmas season.

Whitehall is for me a Christmas must have. With the cold season of giving upon us many reach for the Reds and Burgundy polishes and dismiss other shades. I’ll admit I used to be one of those people. But why not try something different? Whitehall is a gorgeous deep green jade colour – it reminds me of the orient and forests. When you apply the magnet to the polish it deepens the effect reminding me of the deep greens of Christmas. What’s more its quite a show stopper and a comment dropper when out and about!

Nails Inc polishes for me are a great purchase. I own many and as a Nail Technician I am always looking for reasonably priced high street polishes that my clients can buy and use. I find with Nails Inc Magnetic range they really do last very well. I have been wearing Whitehall now for 3 days with no topcoat on (To really give it a good test!) and have no chipping or flaking what so ever! In fact the image you will see below of my nails wearing Whitehall was taken today and as you can see they look as good as when I painted them!

If you would like to know how to use Magnetic Polishes why not check out my previous review on Nails Inc Trafalgar Square.

I really do like this polish and think for the price of £13 which could be a little steep for some you are getting a polish which can last well and look amazing!

Nails Inc Magnetic Polishes also come in 3 other colours;

Trafalgar Square – Metallic Silver (See my Review Here)

Houses of Parliament – Metallic Purple

Kensington Palace – Metallic Raspberry (This is a new shade to their range).

I will definitely be investing in Kensington Palace as its a beautiful colour and another polish which will fit in well with the festive season.

Will you be trying any of the magnetic polishes this season?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx