Its another Nail of the Day for you today with something perfect for Spring/Summer 2013, MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Nail Polish (Makeup Academy).

I admit I am a nail varnish fiend! I have a ridiculous collection and its probably the biggest beauty item I buy, call it an obsession if you like. I can go anywhere without picking up one if I like the colour. Its nearly always about the colour and less the brand who’s stocking it!

 MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Nail Polish

MUA Makeup Academy have a great range of polishes that cost £1. Yes, they aren’t the best of the best and I wouldn’t expect long wearing capability with them. However, if you do apply your own top coat or do a UV top coat finish on them they will last a lot longer. For £1 though I don’t think you can complain at all.

What drew me to this shade was that it reminded me of a paler take on Essie’s Navigate Her (Post and swatch here) which is a shade I adore. I always wanted something a little subtler and if I’m honest I think I’ve found it with MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Nail Polish.

MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Nail Polish

MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Nail Polish is a gloss finish polish which I find requires 2 coats (3 if you are being a bit stingy with the varnish). It goes on really easily and I find drying time is about average (2 minutes or so for first coat, 5-8 minutes for second – depending on thickness obviously).

MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Nail Polish

As for lasting time MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Nail Polish goes a couple of days or so without chips and no top coat. Obviously if you add a top coat you will get a lot more wear out of it. As I said before, its only cheap so I don’t expect too much. Saying that though, I still think MUA nail polishes are extremely good value for money!

Will you be investing in some MUA Pistachio Ice Cream Nail Polish? What’s your favourite shade?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx