NOTD: Models Own ‘Pukka Purple’ Iced Neon Nail Polish

Nothing says bright like NEON nail varnish, today I wanted to share with you one I picked up in Boots; Models Own ‘Pukka Purple’

Models Own 'Pukka Purple' Iced Neon Nail Polish

Here is a little information about the Iced Neon Collection from Models Own…

The only way to keep fluoro really bright is to KEEP IT COLD!
We’ve packed this collection in specially-designed frosted bottles that you should keep refrigerated to protect the intense fluoro colour from fading.
These on-trend neon shades bring summer alive with fluoro flavour, bold and bright.


Models Own 'Pukka Purple' Iced Neon Nail Polish

The colour I selected today was Models Own ‘Pukka Purple’. I have other neon pinks and oranges and in honesty its the colour that stood out the most to me – that and I knew it would look AMAZING with a tan!

It wasn’t until I was reading the label I saw that it was a Matt effect polish. This got my all kinds of excited as I really love Matt finishes at present. As the lid suggests, wear it matt or if you like some gloss/shine apply a top coat.

I was rather intrigued about the ‘anti-fading’ fridge thing and keeping the polish cold. I can’t really comment on whether this works or how it works as this post is more about the finish and colour of Models Own ‘Pukka Purple’ but wanted to mention that point in this review still. I’ve never heard of keeping a nail varnish in the fridge before!

Firstly let me say, I LOVE the colour on this polish on. I wouldn’t wear it on my toes unless I was applying nail art too. But on my fingers it looks amazing on.

Models Own 'Pukka Purple' Iced Neon Nail Polish - artificial light
Models Own ‘Pukka Purple’ Iced Neon Nail Polish – artificial light

Do not be fooled into thinking this is identical or extremely similar to Nails Inc Baker Street! My camera is making it appear far more ‘BLUE’ than it actually is, this nail varnish is purple and do not confuse it for blue!

But alas, there is some disappointment with this nail varnish. When a nail varnish tells me it is going to be MATT I expect MATT. Not semi gloss. The finish is definitely slightly glossy. True, its not as glossy as if I had applied a top coat, but it was by no means Matt. I kind of wish I hadn’t seen it was Matt on the lid now as I wouldn’t have felt miffed about it!

Models Own 'Pukka Purple' Iced Neon Nail Polish - swatch natural light
Models Own ‘Pukka Purple’ Iced Neon Nail Polish – swatch natural light

Lastly, I would like to add that this varnish does look amazing on your nails, however it does not look amazing on WHITE LINEN trousers! I managed to drop the brush while painting my nails which then trailed all down my leg. I did try the tips I read on Google for removing the stain. If anyone has ANY tips on removing DARK coloured polish from LIGHT trousers, please pop a comment below and save my trousers! I was so happy to get back into a size 14 this morning after not wearing that size in 7 years – now the trousers are no more!

The Models Own Nail Polish range cost £5 per polish. Boots often runs offers on them, so its always worth having a look. I love their shades and effects they sell and thing they last really well too on the nails!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx