NOTD: Misa Nail Polish in 187 Lather Rinse Repeat

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite bright nail colour I have been wearing constantly – Lather Rinse Repeat (Shade #187) from Misa.

Misa Nail Polish in 187 Lather Rinse Repeat While I had my annual holiday (Which feels like eons ago now, but in reality was only the 28th June for a week!) as I wasn’t going away anywhere, I decided to treat myself to a few goodies. I picked up the Misa polish in Lather Rinse Repeat as I was in the wholesalers and the colour kept grabbing my attention – kind of hard not too when its bright neon pink!

Misa Nail Polish in 187 Lather Rinse Repeat

I have been wearing my fingers really natural this year but always make my toe nails really stand out. I also love neon colours on nails with a tan and that’s something I am definitely sporting this Summer. Neon is really on trend at present too, so you can still be part of the trend by doing something really small, just like a bright polish!

Lather Rinse Repeat is a beautiful bright neon pink nail polish. It is not for the faint hearted. Its in your face and bold. This nail varnish is a 2-3 coat polish, depending on how thickly you actually apply it. I found on my toes it was 2 coats and my fingers was 2, except my middle finger and thumb (Go figure?!). It has a semi matt/gloss finish (I find with most neons they are semi matt finishes for some reason?). Its a little shiny but not ultra. So, I do apply a top coat as I do love a high gloss shine – especially on my toes!

Misa Nail Polish in 187 Lather Rinse Repeat - Swatch indoors
Misa Nail Polish in 187 Lather Rinse Repeat – Swatch indoors

Lasting power for this nail varnish is really impressive. My toes went 5 days in flip flops gardening without a chip! On my fingers it was 3 days gardening, still impressive. This was without using a top coat and purely to see how the varnish faired. With a top coat you will obviously get better wear.

Drying time is really quick with this nail polish! I found even when using 3 coats I was only waiting a couple of minutes for the 3rd coat to dry, so I was really impressed with that.

Misa Nail Polish in 187 Lather Rinse Repeat
Misa Nail Polish in 187 Lather Rinse Repeat

I wouldn’t usually include a product you can’t get less in a wholesalers, but the shop I was in is for public too, that and I’ve found this colour is available online. Being a professional brand means its pretty good quality, its one that my nail salon I used to go to used as well as OPI and Orly, so when I say its good stuff, it really is. Price wise its not too expensive either. I paid £4.53 for mine which for a nail varnish isn’t bad in my books and it lasts really well. So, do look around as you may be able to find it at a reasonable price rather than paying double on ebay!!

If you are looking for a neon pink and trust me it is neon even though the photos are dulling it down a bit, then this colour be the colour for you. I will definitely be purchasing more of the Misa polishes after this one as I’ve been really impressed with how they have lasted on my nails.

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx