NOTD: La Femme Beauty Lime Cream 103

I’m always buying new nails varnish and ofter I will spend a fair amount on it. But recently while shopping on Amazon with a £10 gift voucher I came across several ‘sets’ of varnish by La Femme Beauty. Each set was of 7 varnishes and was priced £5.95 (Including P&P). Now 7 nail varnishes for £5.95 is something I couldn’t say no too, ok they are probably crap and look nothing like the picture but I thought what the hell and ordered them. They arrived today and I was actually quite impressed.

I ordered the cream selection which isn’t bad at all in colours (Many people complained about them in their reviews saying the colours were duller than the photo – yes slightly but the colours are still quite good and for gods sake they were only £5.95). Here is Lime Cream shade 103 from the set which is really an amazing lime green!

I wasn’t sure what to team with it as I felt this needed some nail art, but thanks to the lovely UrbanButterfly who suggested a daisy I now have some pretty nails!

I am over all impressed with the varnishes. They are rather ‘wet’ on application so need some serious drying time less you have some freeze dry or a quick dry top coat. Still £5.95 for 7 you can’t really complain. I’m sure they will also chip quick too but again I don’t keep my varnish on long and also apply good top coats so it will last me a few days and by then I’ll be bored!

This is the true colour of Lime Cream in natural light – I felt the other picture wasn’t doing it justice

I wasn’t overly impressed with my ‘daisies’ but we can’t have everything now can we 😉

What do you think of the Lime Cream?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx