Fruit Salad - with flash

NOTD : Getting Fruity with some Fruit Salad Collection 2000

Finishing things up for tomorrow so I’m not running around like a blue arsed fly in the morning, I decided to painted my nails tonight. Now I have used this Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry in Fruit Salad (Colour no 43) lots of times – but for some reason only ever on my toes? So tonight I thought I’d give it a whirl on my fingers.

Fruit Salad - without Flash
Fruit Salad - with flash

Please excuse my infills, they need doing badly (Roll on Monday)! I would liken the colour too a strong coral/pink. Not neon pink but bright. I really like it. I wasn’t sure I would as I have really tanned feet and it looks great because of the tan where as my hands aren’t as tanned. These pictures are taken with 2 coats (No top coat yet) and I will say one thing – when it says its a ‘FAST DRY’ varnish. It’s not lying! The second coat I gave them was pretty heavy as I wanted good coverage and it was dry within about 90 seconds. I am impressed and will be trying out other shades in the Collection 2000 range for sure now!

Right I best get an early one as I’ve got to pack my things in the morning. Maybe I’ll do a ‘What’s in my vanity’ post?

Lots of love,


Mel xxxx