No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer

Back today with another review of a No7 product, the Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer. The product thats suitable for all skin types and is a lighter than air skin perfector. Here are my thoughts.

No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer

Here is some information on the No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer….

A super lightweight, no- colour formula which blends in seamlessly, smoothing away imperfections and giving you naturally flawless skin without the look of make up.

Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer minimises pores and enhances skins radiance; allowing your natural beauty to shine through.


How to Use

For Best Results:

Shake before use. Use alone after moisturising to enhance your natural beauty, or under foundation for an ultra smooth, flawless finish.


I have a lot of primers in my collection of makeup, I also have skin brighteners and pore fillers, however the No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer seemed to do it all for me in one go. Its like 3-4 products in 1 and I was super impressed from the get go on the improvements I noticed.

Here are some points I noticed while using the No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer

  • My skin tone looked more even. Although it wasn’t tinted like foundation or concealer, it appeared less red.
  • My skin had a brightness to it. Not a glowing/dewy, nor a matte one but it appeared brighter, fresher and more natural.
  • My pores didn’t stand out as much. They were still slightly visible but blurred somewhat (I feel this is more noticeable in my before and after pictures).
  • My skin was smooth and silky. It felt like I had applied my No7 Airbrush Away primer (Review here) but without feeling as heavy on the skin.
  • My makeup lasted longer when worn over this product.

As you can see there were quite a few benefits to using the No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer. I think my favourite thing was that it was super light like it says on the box. My skin didn’t feel like I was wearing anything at all and looked like my skin, but better.

No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer - Swatch unblended (Left) and Blended (Right)
No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer – Swatch unblended (Left) and Blended (Right)

This product could easily be worn on its own if you have good skin or don’t mind showing a few imperfections. I like covering mine up as I have some scarring, but would wear this alone during Summer time, although it doesn’t contain an SPF, so you would need to add that underneath.

No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer - Before (left) and After (right)
No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer – Before (left) and After (right)

Over all, I’ve been really pleased with the results I’ve seen while wearing this. It s a lovely light weight product which leaves your skin super smooth and silky and looking good. My pores size definitely appeared reduced and my skin toned looked more even too. I liked that I got similar results using this to my Airbrush Away Primer but without the heavy texture too.

The No7 Brilliantly Bare Beauty Enhancer costs £12.50 for 40ml of product. You don’t need to use a lot either, so it should last a good while too.

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Mel xxxx

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