New Haul (Little Mini One)

Evening everyone, weather in Essex today – cloudy, crappy and now bloody freezing?!

If you follow me on Twitter you will know I had to go to Lakeside today, it tied in nicely with some birthday present shopping I needed to do – but did mean I missed a PR event I was looking forward too! Slightly unexciting when you have to go purchase pants – yes pants (My mum even sent me a picture of the style of pants – thankfully without my step dad in them – EWWW!!!)! Still I found ‘said’ pants (Please never let me ask for pants when I am 50 for my birthday!) and managed to pick up all the birthday presents and my Bestie’s Clinique All About Lips that she wants for her birthday next Thursday.

My shopping trip was a little unsuccessful though, I had money to spend but its always the way – you never find exactly what you want! I did pick up a few small goodies though and I thought I would share them with you along with some online shopping I have done today too!

Today marked finally a successful trip to Superdrug – can you guess what I got my hands on?

Sleek Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette, Miss Eylure Ava False Eyelashes, Miss Eylure Emily False Eyelashes

Yes finally they had the Oh So Special palette so I snatched up one of those fast! I was ready for a fight if need be, but luckily there was a few and Superdrug was empty! I also saw that Miss Eylure (Along with some other Eylure lashes – not the one I have already) were on 2 for £5.99 so I picked those up too. I’d not tried the self adhesive ones so am curious to how they will fare but at that price I’m not too bothered. Review of Oh So Special should be tomorrow and I’ll do the lashes when I can. I’m looking forward to finally trying out Sleeks Oh So Special Palette!

Mark has got quite into the whole ‘Makeup Review’ shopping now and was checking out other brands; including GOSH, MUA, Me Me Me and Barry M.

While having a look about I saw these beautiful coloured nail varnishes!

Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Palma Violets (Shade 44) and Blue Hawaii (Shade 39)

We both found these were gorgeous and it meant I didn’t have to please Mark and get the bright Yellow polish he found with a Blue crackle effect to go over it <holds head in hands>. I was fearful! I will do NOTD’s with them soon so you can see just how gorgeous they are.

After walking around the whole shopping centre and not being able to get Mark’s gaming headphones from GAME we decided to head back to home and try town there. Town was quite busy and after trying GAME I popped into Boots to speak to the Clarins lady.

I have been wanting to update my skin regime and change my cleaners etc for a while but struggle with many products. They usually being me out in spots, bumps, redness or at worse make my eczema flair up. After a bit of a chat I purchased the Daily Energisers Kit which I’ve seen a lot on blogs of late. The lady was telling me that its designed for younger skin so very gentle – we are hoping it will be good with me. I did find out something that surprised me, if you ever have a reaction to a Clarins product take it back to the store you bought it. Show them your reaction and they will refund your money to you! I never knew this and was amazed! So if it doesn’t work I won’t have lost out on anything.

Clarins Daily Energizers Kit and Clarins Men Anti-brillance Shine-Free Gel

Not wanting to leave Mark out as he is a bit of a tart when it (used to) come to his skin care we got him some more moisturiser. He really loved the Mens L’Oreal skincare range but stopped using it and got lost on the way. See even men like to look after themselves too!

Now onto my internet shopping, for the tech happy people out there (Who don’t just love makeup, beauty and hair) I bought Mark his Turtle Beach Wireless Headset Ear Force X41 (Xbox 360) (In layman’s terms that means he has headphones and a mic and will ‘apparently’ hear people creeping up on him while playing MW and COD or something), I however have been researching headphones for a very long time and as much as I would love my Dre Studio Beats I can’t justify the money on them. After a lot of testing and reviews I have finally settled on this pair I found shopping in town today for £49.99 – Sennheiser HD 418 Closed-Back Stereo Headphones with Dynamic Bass but was pleasantly surprised to find them on AMAZON £8 cheaper! So I bought them too. Yes I love music and headphones where all I can hear is the thump of the base I am listening too and nothing else are very appealing!

But that isn’t my most exciting purchase today, Mark promised me some money to spend on whatever I wanted earlier this month and I’ve finally made my purchase – my new hair extensions. I’m not going to say who they are from yet – I have gone more on matching my hair colour than actually who they are from and read so many reviews and watched so many YouTube’s before making my choice. Having only ever had my FoxyLocks it’s been hard choosing anything else! But none of the shades are even close to mine now (I don’t mind subtly colouring but would like some that I can just leave as they are without the hassle) and so I have had to look elsewhere. I am going to see what they are like when they arrive and if they are good will review them (Maybe even against my Foxylocks) and if not I will be returning them. Very excited but guessing they won’t be here till the end of the week – so will be waiting for a while yet.

In other news, the verdict on my hair seems good! Had 2 people stop me while I was walking my son to his class this morning asking me how I did my colour and what colour it actually was (Brand etc). I always find this a compliment and was more than happy to chat about it.

I also was talking to a friend about her lash extensions she had done. I’m still VERY tempted, I would love to have long lashes even just for a short time – but with expense and everything (What if I hated them? What if I love them and want them done regularly?) I’m still not sold on it. If I stopped having my nails done I could afford them and their upkeep. I may try them soon and then decide.

Well, that’s my post today; not loads to show for my haul at present but a little to wet the appetite! Have you had lash extensions? What did you think?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx