New Haul (Sleek, Topshop, Rimmel, ASOS, Bourjois, Jelly Pong Pong, NEXT)

Afternoon all! What another glorious day it is here in Essex. I feel slightly naughty as I’ve not really posted since last week due to being away at the weekend in gorgeous Wales visiting Mark’s family. So I will be catching up this week on things I should have done at the weekend – bad Mel <slaps wrist>
Here’s my haul from the past week – I would usually do this as a ‘when I bought it’ so there’ll look like I’ve gone and bought loads in one go when really this isn’t the case!!

Last week I bought a couple of cute items from ASOS – having heard a lot of bad things floating around Twitter lately about them I was dubious. Having said that I’ve never had any problems with them at all but have never had to return anything either. I got this really cute Tank Tee with panther’s all over the front of it (Read lower in the post and you’ll probably notice a theme here!) The tank was £18 (Please note this is not my own image. Tee is in wash so can’t really photograph it at present!!)

I also bought a really cute Limited Edition Jelly Pong Pong Petal Perfection set. Never bought any Jelly Pong Pong stuff before so was curious but as it seemed a cute set I took the plunge and am glad I did as I love all 3 of the products in it. It was £9.75 in the sale and well worth it I feel as I’ve used all the products loads since! I love the packaging!

The flower cream is without a doubt one of my favourite cream blushers at present! It looks gorgeous on, gives you a really warm flushed glow and a little goes a VERY long way! Gossamer is a gold high lighter cream which I used when I have a ‘glamazon’ makeup look. Its beautiful with a tan and a lot of bronzer.

I’ve swatched them both but I think I’ll have to post a pic at a later point using them both so you can see just how gorgeous and adaptable they really are!

Gossamer (Top) Flower Cream (Bottom)

Pillow Pout lip gloss is a gorgeous red tinted gloss. Not too sticky and not too much sheen too it. I also love that it smells of citrus and doesn’t taste too bad either! It lasts pretty well and goes on smoothly.

In all a great shop from ASOS and no problems with the order or anything else. It came really quickly too so was very pleased.

With going away at the weekend I realised my OVER FLOWING makeup bag and shelf filled with products was going to have to be down sized! This was a scary feet in its self and Mark too great pleasure in laughing at me about it. So while shopping and buying some cute shorts in Next (Sorry they are in the wash too!) I saw these makeup bag and thought it was really cute. It wasn’t till I inspected it closer I realised there was 3! One large, a  medium square and a small make up bag! Perfect for my weekend away and at a bargain price of £12.99! I have not found them at all in Next online or again in my Next store so guessing it was old stock. Still love it though and love its quite spotty design!

I used the large case for my toiletries and hair brush (It’s just a little too small to get my straighteners in too), the square case for my make up (It fitted my ELF brushes in perfectly. I find them longer than any other brushes I own!) and the small compact one stored my extensions in somewhat folded up but it did the job.

Yesterday I was killing time in town while waiting for Mark and took a trip to Boots (I swear if I got paid for all the times I mention them I’d be rich!!) as I wanted to get some foundation. I was pleased to find that one of the foundations I was doing a review on was on a 3 for 2 offer – I love BARGAINS! So I picked up Rimmel’s Lasting Finish foundation, Rimmel Pro Nail Varnish in 317 Coral Romance and Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick in 700 Nude Delight. Costing me just over £12 I think it was as they were on 3 for 2 so really pleased with that shop.

I’ve not swatched the foundation as I’m using that for a review later this week once I’ve tried it for a while first. The nail varnish is a gorgeous bright Coral colour. I would normally have put it on my fingers to swatch but only had my nails done yesterday so am having to show you it on horrible feet (I hate FEET!).

The Nude Delight is nice, but I prefer it with a gloss over the top as its a little too ‘pastley’ for me if that makes sense? Its a gorgeous nude colour though and works well with a clear gloss over the top just to blend it that much more. I’ve only swatched it on its own so you can see its true colour.

I also picked up another foundation while in Boots Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, again for a review I’m doing later this week. Have to say I have it on today and I’ve found it really good so far. I think it was £9.99 as I thought it was meant to be more.

I’m actually wearing this today and have found it to be really good. But will be reviewing this later in the week so won’t go into it more now.
And lastly (I bet you are thinking, ‘Does she ever stop?!’) I went into town today as I needed to do some banking and nipped into Superdrug to see if the new Sleek’s Oh So Special palette was out yet (Still wishing I was one of the lucky ones to get sent them early as I am a HUGE SLEEK fan) and came across this little gem instead – Sleek’s Caribbean Collection ‘Curacoa’.
After the excitement had died down and I’d looked at the palette it was a must have. Can I say gorgeous?! I will be doing a review on this tonight so you get a full look at it and run down if you haven’t already seen it!
I was bouncing with excitement over this! I know its not as wearable as some eyeshadow collections, (I still think Bad Girl is gorgeous!) but pretty amazing huh?
I then started wondering about what to wear next week for the PR event at Covent Garden on Tuesday and came across this super cute top from Topshop.
Now do you see what I meant about the Panther theme? I’m not actually wearing this next Tuesday but it was too cute to miss! I think it was £16 or something like that. And as I was in Topshop it would have been rude to not pick up the cream blush I’ve been eyeing up for 2 weeks now.
So gorgeous and pretty and only £6. I also like 2 of the other colours and wil be going back to get those at a later date.
Well thats my haul post for the past week, I know I’ve gotten a fair few bits but love everything I’ve bought for a change. Will do the review later on the new Sleek palette.
Lots of Love,
Mel xxxx