New Hair & Extensions – Sunkissed Brown (Featuring Dolled Up Invisible Extensions) Q&A

I love it when its Autumn and I change my hair colour, in fact I love going darker more than I do lighter. Strange but true. As I always get so many questions on what colour my hair is, how’d I get it that colour and what hair extensions I use or recommend, I thought I’d just do one big mammoth post and pop all the information in here for you.

New Hair & Extensions - Sunkissed Brown (Featuring Dolled Up Invisible Extensions) Q&A

Firstly as you can see my hair is a lot darker, well a lot darker than it was when it was platinum. My hair is now a dark blonde/light golden brown on the ends, very much like an ombre in honesty with a light/medium brown at the roots. Its a really subtle fade and its only if you pull my ends to my roots and overlay them you really notice there’s a good shade or 2 difference. I had darker roots when I was platinum and still haven’t used a permanent colour on my hair. All I did was pop a L’Oreal Diacolor 6.34 and 7N mixed onto my hair and that’s pretty much all I’ve been doing since going darker. It did take a little to get it to build up as my ends were an 8 at one point, but now the colours holding. It doesn’t lift, only deposits and probably lasts me around 18 washes.

New Hair & Extensions - Sunkissed Brown (Featuring Dolled Up Invisible Extensions) Q&A

Now extensions this time was a little trickier. As you all know I adore Dolled Up invisible extensions and with having a slight ombre just using 1 shade wasn’t going to work for me. The great thing about tape hair extensions is you can actually sandwich together 2 different shades and this is exactly what I did. The 2 colours I used were #8 Chestnut and #4 Chocolate Brown. On the top of the sandwich is the #8 and underneath is the #4. This gives my hair a multi tonal effect, more depth and a lot of sparkle. Almost like natural highlights, the effect is a lovely sun kissed brown which I love. It blends with my own hair perfectly and is probably my favourite hair colour to date – and we all know how many times I’ve coloured my hair!

New Hair & Extensions - Sunkissed Brown (Featuring Dolled Up Invisible Extensions) Q&A

I used 2 packs of Invisible Extensions (1 of each colour) and they were all in the “16 length. The nice thing is, once I’m due to colour my hair again and re-tone it, it will be time for maintenance, so I’ll do it all in one go. Maintenance for me is ever 4-6 weeks, some people go longer. I personally find by that point I need to do my roots and prefer a fresh application. Maintenance does not effect the hair extensions at all and its only the tape you need to remove and then reapply. You will need a tape removing solution to do this! Do not pull them apart and try and remove them that way as you will damage your hair!!

For those who repeatedly ask me, can you put your hair up wearing tape hair extensions? The answer is yes! If you watch my videos and often see me wearing a messy bun or a ballerina bun, that is with my invisible extensions in and I’m pretty sure you can see them at all. I also often do pony tails, really high ones and braids and again, you cannot see any of the tapes.


I’ve also been asked a lot recently how you know where to put the extensions, or how you lay them out on the head, what pattern etc? Well, I found this image recently, it is not mine and for the life of me cannot find the link to the image in my history. However, it is a really good diagram and I ‘loosely’ would recommend this as a guide. I actually put in more hair than they show, but once you have some in you can get a feel for where you need more.

New Hair & Extensions - Sunkissed Brown (Featuring Dolled Up Invisible Extensions) Q&A New Hair & Extensions - Sunkissed Brown (Featuring Dolled Up Invisible Extensions) Q&A

I’m not going to say that any form of semi-permanent extensions doesn’t need a little work and time once you have them in. You do need to take care of them, more so than you do your own hair. Invest in a good quality hair extensions range if you can, a special shampoo, conditioner and shine spray will go a long way to helping the hair last longer. However, if you are on more of a budget, I recommend products with moroccan argan oil in them.Heat protectant is an absolute must and get used to putting your hair up at bed time every night, this helps prevent tangling.

New Hair & Extensions - Sunkissed Brown (Featuring Dolled Up Invisible Extensions) Q&A

Another question lastly I get asked about tape hair extensions is can you put them in yourself? I have only had mine put in once by someone else (It was actually my other half who did it, he didn’t do a bad job to be fair), the rest of the times I have done the application myself completely. I am VERY confident with doing my own hair and am happy putting them in myself, it does take me almost double the time of what it would if I did an application on someone else though. I would always recommend getting a friend to help you if you can or a hair dresser. The application its self is VERY easy.I f you are unsure though Dolled Up have a video here to show you how to do it and more information on the invisible extensions.


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So, I hope that answers any questions I may get about my new hair. I really am lovely being darker again and love the mix of tones both in my hair and my extensions. If you do have any questions you can always drop them in the comments below, or you can find me on Twitter as 30SomethingMel.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx