NaturVits CoQ10 Chewable Vitamin Supplement

Vitamins are a great way of making sure you get all the things you may be lacking in your diet, today’s post is on the NaturVits CoQ10 Chewable Vitamins.

 NaturVits CoQ10 Chewable Vitamin Supplement

Here is some information on the NaturVits CoQ10 Chewable Vitamins…

CoQ10 appears naturally in every cell of the body with highest concentrations present in the tissues with high energy requirements, such as the heart and skeletal muscles.  However, as we age, levels of CoQ10 decline making a dietary top-up essential, not only for the health of our heart, but for increased energy and stamina and to help protect against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.  CoQ10 also helps protect cells from free radical damage including the ageing of our skin and the appearance of wrinkles.  Also utilising Ayanda’s patented ConCordix® technology, NaturVits™ CoQ10 are great tasting, one-a-day, orange flavoured soft jelly drops, which provide 100mg Coenzyme Q10, in the form of Kaneka™ Q10, the world’s only yeast fermented CoQ10 and used for its purity and bioavailability. 

A smarter line of chewable dietary supplements, all NaturVits™ products include only natural flavours and colours, use natural sweeteners instead of sugar and contain the purest and freshest ingredients available and fish oils from some of the clearest and most nutritious waters of the world.   With so many benefits, what could be smarter and easier than caring for your skin from the inside by taking NaturVits™ Omega-3 with Vitamin D3 and CoQ10 soft jelly drops! 

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Having recently reviewed some of the other NutraVits (My Children, Mark and me all took part trying them – see the review here), I was more than happy to try the NaturVits CoQ10. I think its really hard to review vitamins as often the goodness they are doing is inside and not something you can see.

NaturVits CoQ10 Chewable Vitamin Supplement
NaturVits CoQ10 Chewable Vitamin Supplement – Individually wrapped in a perforated pack

I’ve been taking the CoQ10 now for nearly a month and like taking them more than a regular tablet. For those who have trouble swallowing tablets these are great. Being chewable means you haven’t the issue of getting a tablet down and they also taste quite nice too. I liken them to a citrus flavoured chewy sweet, much like Haribo.

Just 1 a day is all you need and with the individual sealed packaging per tablet it means you can pop some in your handbag and take 1 on the go if you forget in the morning. I think the perforated packed is a great idea and wish more vitamin companies would think to do this (It also feels more hygienic knowing they are enclosed too).

NaturVits CoQ10 Chewable Vitamin Supplement

 Although not the cheapest vitamins on the market, NaturVits are made from 100% Natural Ingredients and with the added health benefits and clever packaging, I think they are worth the outlay.

The NaturVits CoQ10 are available directly from the NaturVits website for £14.99 for 30 tablets. You can also purchase them at Holland and Barrett.

For more information on Nutravits and their products, why not check out their website or facebook?

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