Nair Upper Lip Kit

I feel like this post is almost a taboo subject, maybe I should whisper? Today’s review is on the Nair Upper Lip Kit and why I think its really rather good.

Nair Upper Lip Kit

Lets be honest, we all have facial hair. Granted when we are younger its that ‘downy’ kind of hair which is all soft, light and barely noticeable. But as you get older it can start to show a little more. I’m really lucky, I have fair hair naturally, so my hair on my face it lighter too. However, I started to notice it a lot more in the Summer when my skin would tan and the hair would go lighter or worse, when I fake tanned and it would ‘tone’ those hairs too. Sometimes my foundation would make the hair above my lip look like I had a tash and in honesty it embarrassed the hell out of me! I knew I had to do something and bleaching the hair can look really unnatural (Plus in Summer if your face tans it sticks out like a sore thumb), so I decided the best thing would be to get rid of the hair! I have had some bad reactions with wax products and felt that hair removal cream was the better way to go, so bought the Nair Upper Lip Kit and am so glad I did.

Here is some information about the Nair Upper Lip Kit…

Nair Upper Lip Kit gently removes unwanted facial hair from the upper lip area.  The precision tip tube allows precise and easy application for effective hair removal.  Follow this with the fragrance free moisturiser to leave your skin nourished and smooth to the touch.

How to Use

Irritation or allergic reaction may occur with some people, even after prior use without adverse effects.  Therefore, a test should always be carried out on a small part of the area to be treated before each use.  Follow the instructions and if the skin appears normal after 24 hours, proceed with the full application. 

Step 1: HAIR REMOVAL. Read the instructions carefully before first use. Ensure skin is clean and dry.  Gently squeeze tube to dispense cream.  With precision applicator, spread a thick, even layer to cover hair.  DO NOT RUB IN. After 5 to 6 minutes, test a small area.  If the hair does not come away from the test area easily, leave for a few minutes longer.  Do not exceed 10 minutes in total. Gently wipe off cream and hair with a damp washcloth.  Do not rub or use soap.  Once all hair has been removed, RINSE SKIN THOROUGHLY with lukewarm water.  Pat area dry with a soft towel. Wipe off excess from the dispensing tip.  Replace cap securely between uses.

Step 2:  MOISTURISE AFTER HAIR REMOVAL. Apply moisturiser and gently massage onto skin. Close cap tightly when not in use.


Applications is really easy. I did this on a day I knew I wasn’t going out (In case for ANY reason at all I may have a reaction or maybe some redness after). I followed the instructions above to the letter and made sure I didn’t rush it and took my time. I also timed it with the timer on my phone so I knew exactly how long it had been on for. I actually noticed after 5 minutes it felt a little ‘tender’ nor sore or painful, but tingly and warm. I felt this was the best time to take it off and did.

Nair Upper Lip Kit

When I wiped the cream off after application I honestly could not believe how much hair I obviously had above my upper lip! Seriously I was shocked! The kit had removed all the hair and my upper lip looked better. I had no signs of that ‘tash’ which wasn’t noticeable less you looked closely, but I knew it was there. The fact that now it looked smooth and was hairless made me feel better and in honesty, it gave me confidence too.

I didn’t have any reactions at all to this product, there was no redness after and my skin felt fine (No tingling or soreness). I know there can be some redness after using a product like this, but I didn’t have any at all. I did however not wear makeup for the rest of the day as I have had issues before after waxing when I’ve done this. The Nair Upper Lip Kit comes with a light moisturiser which is great to use after you have removed the hair, being light I didn’t feel like it blocked any pores and was gentle too.

Nair Upper Lip Kit

Now, I’m sure you are wondering how long it lasts and whether when it grows back its all sharp, prickly (Like a mans) and darker than before. I’m now 18 days in and only just having some growth. The hair is the same colour it was before (Still blonde), no thicker in appearance and not stubbly. In honesty, my lip still feels really smooth and soft. I probably will leave it a few more days yet before re-doing it.

In honesty, I am just gutted now I waited so long before I bought this kit. A couple of years back my eyebrow threading lady asked me if I wanted my upper lip done and it embarrassed the hell out of me (So much so, I never went back to her)! I didn’t buy this kit because I was embarrassed to admit I had hair there and lived with the embarrassment of what I felt like a ‘Tom Selleck’ tash when in reality it was literally a few hairs on the outer sides of my lip! Ladies, if you are embarrassed, do something about it and don’t live like that! It doesn’t make you any less of a woman and hopefully using a product like this will give you the confidence its given me. I would advise doing a sensitivity test first with all products like this (I was a little gung-ho and just went for it!).

The Nair Upper Lip Kit costs £5.10 for 20ml of product and can be purchased from Boots, Superdrug and other selected pharmacies and supermarkets.

For more information on Nair and their product line, why not check out their Website.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx