When it comes to Breast Cancer awareness, I always like to do my part. Breast cancer is no doubt something that has effected someone you know, whether it be a family member or friend. That’s why I will be sharing my support, with the new collaboration Nails Inc have done for Breast Cancer Campaign, the UK’s leading breast cancer research charity.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Nails Inc have partnered up with designer Matthew Williamson and the very beautiful Poppy Delevingne. The duo were asked to create 2 limited edition Nails Inc caps for the iconic Breast Cancer Campaign glitter pink polish giving it a unique twist.

Nails inc Pinkie Pink Breast Cancer Campaign

Using confidence and empowerment as inspiration, Matthew Williamson’s design features one of his signature prints. Poppy Delevigne design, is a poppy to represent colour.

Nails inc Pinkie Pink Breast Cancer Campaign

The thing I love the most about this campaign is that its not just about donations for ever bottle of the Nails Inc Pinkie Pink nail polish that’s sold (Although, for every bottle that is sold, Nails Inc will be donating £1.00 to Breast Cancer Campaign to help fund the life-saving research), no its even more fun with the #SPOTTHEPINKIE hash tag for Twitter!

To drive additional awareness for this campaign, Nails Inc are encouraging everyone from celebrities, businesses, the general public and even TV personalities to #SPOTTHEPINKIE by tagging in @nailsinc.

Anyone that spots the Nails Inc Pinkie Pink polish bottle, a pinkie painted on a celebrity or tv personality for example throughout October, or even on a mannequin in a department store window, should tweet #spotthepinkie @nailsinc tagging the location or where they saw it, to help raise awareness! For each Tweet an additional 10p while be donated to the charity (Up to a maximum of £2500).

Nails inc Pinkie Pink Breast Cancer Campaign

You will be able to purchase the Nails Inc Pinkie Pink Matthew Williamson and Poppy Delevigne designed limited edition bottles from Nails Inc for £11.00, they will be available from Tuesday 1st October. Remember for ever bottle sold £1 is donated to Breast Cancer Campaign, its for a great cause so please show your support.

For more information on Nails Inc products, why not check out their WebsiteFacebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx