Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray by Lottie Tomlinson Limited Edition

It’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a Nails Inc product and today’s one was so fun to try out! The Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray by Lottie Tomlinson Limited Edition is an interesting and unique way to paint your nails. But is it just a gimmick or does it really work?

Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray

I admit I’m a sucker for something new or different and the Paint Can Sprays from Nails Inc are definitely that. I admit, when I first looked at these I thought it was some strange new craze where you had paint all over your finger too! But worry not my Lovelies, it is only your nails this varnish adhere’s too as you need to use the special 2 in 1 Base and Top coat – The Paint Can’s Best Friend to get this Paint Can Spray to work.

Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray

Here is a little information on the new Good as Gold Paint Can Spray by Lottie Tomlinson…

Together with Nails inc, Lottie has developed her first ever product – a unique molten gold spray on nail polish. ‘Good as Gold’ gives an instant metallic mani with our best Paint Can formulation yet. Be the first to snap up this limited edition item.

Gold is the shade of the Summer – so glam up when you don’t feel like dressing up. 

‘I love this gold shade as it complements my neutral brown make-up looks this summer. You can wear this colour and look as if you’re good as gold, even if you’re not, haha! – Lottie Tomlinson


Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray

Unlike other nail varnishes (I feel odd calling a spray can a nail varnish – sorry!) this one is applied slightly differently obviously. It is a little messy, but the results are good. I will say that you must cover the surface with something as the spray does cover the area a little (News paper is a good one, I just popped some random pieces of A4 down). I’ve popped a graphic below showing you how to use this spray from Nails Inc.

Nails inc Paint Can Spray Directions

Is it easy to use? Actually yes. If I’m honest I was expecting it to be a lot harder. I think for those who struggle getting their nail polish neat and tidy over multiple coats, this could be for you as its where the base coat is applied that the spray adheres to. It was a little finicky when removing the paint from my fingers. I tried this both with soapy water and a face wipe. Face wipe was easier. The trick is to do it when the paint is still slightly wet as it came off easier then. Also, if you have longer nails like I do, holding your fingers in a down wards way while it dries seemed to help with the finish being more even. May have just been me but thought I’d add that. You can build it up a bit as well but letting the paint dry and then applying another spray but it does mean it gets a little more stubborn removing it from your skin after.

Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray Nails inc Good as Gold Paint Can Spray

What’s the finish like and did it last? Personally I wouldn’t wear this without popping another coat of the 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat on. Namely as I found without it the finish looked uneven. With the top coat on it gives a gorgeous shine to the gold making it look eye catching. I only had this one a few days but found it lasted fairly well. I would like to add that removing this with just regular nail polish remover is fine and easy and it didn’t leave any staining either (Although you obviously have the base coat on so it should stop that anyway).

Would you buy it again? I think I would like to try it again actually. Maybe not in a metallic as I personally find those colours harder to pull off. Also i’d be interested to see what the regular colours are like when applied and how they dry. I don’t think spray cans would replace me using regular brush and bottle nail polish, but I do think they are a good addition to my collections (Which now sits around 300!).

To summarise… Its gimmicky, its fun and something I think you could get really creative with if you mixed colours. It would also be great to do with friends on a girls night in or a sleep over! I really enjoyed trying this and will definitely be looking at other shades.

The Nails Inc Can Spray on Nail Polish cost £10 each for 36g/1.3 oz. The Good as Gold by Lottie Tomlinson is a Limited Edition so get your hands on it quick before it goes.

The Nails Inc 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat costs £8 for 5 ml.

And if you fell in love with my ‘Stop! Glamour Time’ bag, you can also purchase those from Nails Inc for £12.

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