I think we are all too quick to ‘slate’ a company when they have shunned use and done us wrong but rarely do I see blog posts on amazing customer service from ‘X’ place or how quick and fast I received my goods. So I thought I’d break the mould and share with you my experience of order with cutECOsmetics and also the 2 great products I bought from them.

Here’ a little information I have ‘borrowed’ from their home page about them *source*

CutECOsmetics.co.uk is an online eco, organic & cruelty free cosmetics specialist. Our mission is to source and bring to you gorgeous eco cosmetics products that are kind to your skin at the same time as being up to date with makeup trends. Looking great doesn’t have to hurt our planet.’

Having read the statement I was really impressed, granted many of the products I use aren’t organic or eco friendly I think in some cases but I have tried of late to start pushing the boundaries with my purchases and buy things that are better not just for me but for the environment too. I have always been AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY so that goes without saying I feel. Many people don’t realise what products are tested on animals as it isn’t always clear.

Their range online is pretty fabulous and made me want to spend a considerable amount of money, unfortunately I have very little at present and am still on a spending ban otherwise I won’t be paying my bills or feeding my children so I only picked up a couple of things (I could have bought so much more!!!).

Their brands that they stock is VERY impressive; Balm Balm, Barry M, Betty Hula, EOS, Figs & Rouge, OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) and Urban Decay to name but a few!

Ordering is so easy and straight forward. The transaction is through Paypal so safe and secure and can be trusted too. I liked that there was 3 delivery methods too; FREE standard delivery (2-5 days), 1st Class Recorded and Special Delivery Next Day. So you could chose which option you wanted and the price of the service is clearly shown at checkout – no hidden surprises!

My order was put through on their FREE Standard delivery and was received 3 days after it was dispatched – now that’s what I call good delivery times! Considering my post has been slightly backed up since the bad weather we all had I was very impressed.

I’d also like to add that cutECOsetics are on Twitter  , they are a lovely chatty bunch and very friendly. They even told me when I was chatting to them when my order was coming! I thought that was great as it made me feel more than just another customer – I hope that makes sense. It was more personal and in this day in age things like that make me want to go back to them and buy more items.

So to summerise, would I use cutECOsmetics agan?

Without a doubt. I thought the whole process was really good and I was very please with my items I ordered (Which I will share with you now!!). Their prices are reasonable, they shipping prices are very good and their site is easy to navigate and find what products you are after. They are friendly  and also have a very good product range!

So I bought 2 things from cutECOsmetics…


OCC Lip Tar in Trollop and EOS Summer Fruit Lip Balm

I am VERY LATE on the band wagon club of the OCC lip tars. I have heard so much about them and see so many blog reviews and tweets that I wasn’t going to bother writing up a full review. So intead I am going to tell you my thoughts on ‘Trollop’ and if you want to know all about them, then google OCC Lip Tar review – I promise you’ll find a few!

There are 36 different Lip Tars available from cutECOsmetics; I chose Trollop but was torn between that, Memento and Divine. They are the most amazing lip creams I have ever used and I’ve put a lot of products on my lips over the years. Not drying, my lips felt and looked great. I was really impressed with how long it lasted too. I applied mine with a lip brush and was amazed at how little product I used. I can tell Trollop is going to last me ages!

Trollop is a beautiful Salmon like Pink with a hint of fuschia. It screams spring time and flowers and is a very girlie colour. However as many of you may know I am not the most girlie person in the world; I do LOVE this colour though. You can dull it down a bit but blotting on tissue and applying a little gloss, mix it with other OCC Lip Tars or apply more for a real thick glossed out look (Although that would probably feel a little slimy if you applied too much!).

With HD on my iPhone 4

Without HD on my iPhone 4

I am really pleased with my first ever OCC Lip Tar, at £7.99 I think it is well worth its value! It will last a very long time and you need less than a pea sized amount to coat your lips! A very good buy and a great colour range from cutECOsmetics – I would go back to them and buy OCC again!

OCC Lip Tar in Trollop – I love this colour!

I’ve wanted to try the EOS balms for ages! At one point I know they were only available in the US or if you were lucky enough to find a random one floating on eBay. However now you can but them from cutECOsmetics. They stock 6 different flavours/scents and I ended up going for Summer Fruit. At £5.95 which I think is a total bargain as they are really quite large and going to last ages I could easily justify buying the other ones! I think Lemon Drop and Strawberry Sherbet are next!

The lids of the EOS balms are screw tops so very secure and unlikely to come off in your makeup bag no matter how hard they are bashed and bumped about. The scent is lovely, very light and fresh. I was surprised as I can’t smell it at all from the lip balm its self but once I apply it on my lips then the scent is there – they taste quite nice too (Although I’m pretty sure you aren’t meant to eat them!!). I would definitely buy the EOS Balms again!

So there are my thoughts and feelings on cutECOsmetics, my EOS Balm and OCC Lip Tar in Trollop. I can’t wait till I have some more money and can buy something else from them!

Will you be trying cutECOsmetics?

Lot of Love,

Mel xxxx