Mother’s Day Ideas – The Scent of a Woman

With less than a week to go till Mother’s Day many are running around like headless chickens (I’m looking at the male population here as they always seem to be the least organised!) for present ideas for that special lady in their life, their Mum (Or mother figure).

Being a Mum myself I am quite lucky in that I actually chose my Mother’s Day present as my children still have slightly ‘scary’ ideas when it comes too gifts; my 2 eldest would get me something from Lush (This would be products they love and I’d probably end up giving to them), my youngest daughter would chose flowers, a cuddly toy or something very girlie and my little man, well he would probably buy me a Wii game he would love for himself (Super Mario Party 9 maybe?) or even Stinky the Garbage truck (A toy from MatchBox). A hint too all thinking their Mum may like the things my children would buy; try asking for some hints from Mum and if not fragrance is always a wonderful idea!

Boss Orange UNICEF (For Women), Especially Escada, Ghost Whisper

I would like to share 3 different individual fragrances that would be great for all types of lady which I was sent, I can’t tell you my favourite out of the 3 as amazingly I really love them all. Fragrance is a very personal gift and if chosen correctly can really show just how well you know a person; it is unique, personal and a very popular choice for Mother’s Day.

Boss Orange UNICEF is aimed at the Free Spirited Mum. For the Mum who is a free spirit with a charismatic personality, often spontaneous and playful.

A warm, complex and inviting fragrance that combines the unique liberating notes of Crisp Apple, White Flower, at its very soul, Vanilla and Sandlewood. *source*

Every purchase of the new limited edition BOSS Orange fragrance, will fund one day of school for 50 disadvantaged Malagasy children equipping them for life with early access to education.

For more information about the BOSS Orange and UNICEF partnership visit

The eau de toilette is around £29 for 30ml and £39 for 50ml.

My opinion – This is a sweet and fruity fragrance and one I think is great for the day and evening – I can see me wearing this is the Summer!

ESPECIALLY ESCADA is aimed at the Luxurious Mum. It is a feminine scent which is for the spontaneous and glamorous lady. Her attitude is positive, she lives to have fun and her happiness is her strength but she always remains true to herself.

The sophisticated and velvety soft compositions is built around sparkling rose agreement. Rose, dewy and fresh, occupies the heart of the fragrance, mixed with watery accords of morning dew and sensual ylang-ylang flowers. Top notes of pear and ambrette seed also contribute to its freshness, while developing into the background of light musky tones.*source*

For more information on Escada fragrances please visit

The eau de toilette is around £32 30ml, £45 for 50ml and £56 for 75ml.

My opinion – Elegance, class and beauty; for me this fragrance is something I would wear to special occasions. Weddings and dinner parties spring to mind. Don’t think that this is a fragrance aimed at the more mature lady as I feel that anyone could wear this beautiful floral scent.

GHOST WHISPER is for the elegant Mum, it offers elegance, individuality and style. This enchanting and feminine fragrance entices senses and gives the feeling of being surrounded by a mysterious world, where every single flower and tree radiates in a soft white glow.

The fragrance is feminine, soft and clean, described as a hushed and mysterious whisper. The composition represents a fresh and delicate floral – fruity elixir. The top notes are sparkling with mandarin, star fruit and almond. Opulent and feminine bouquet of flowers (jasmine, honeysuckle and orange blossom) forms the heart of the perfume. The woody base of white cedar is enhanced by accords of creamy musk and heliotrope. *source*

For more information about GHOST Fragrances please visit

The eau de toilette is around £24.90 for 30ml, £33.90 for 50ml and £46.50 for 75ml.

My Thoughts – This is a scent that must be sprayed; you cannot just smell the fragrance from the bottle. When applied to my wrist  the mix of fruit and sweet spices is beautiful. This too reminds me of Summer and is a light day time scent which could easily be worn anywhere.

So there you have it, 3 amazing fragrances that I am sure any Mum would be happy to receive on Mother’s Day. Whether your Mum is down to earth, a free spirit, fun, elegant or even stroppy (Yes us Mums do get stroppy at times too!) treasure her and make sure too tell her just how much you love her on that special day.

What will you be buying your Mum for Mother’s Day?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx