Mother’s Day Ideas – Cherry Blossom Range From L’Occitane

I don’t know many Mums who don’t like flowers; although if you are like my Mum the thought of buying her an actual bunch and being complained at for ‘wasting my money’ doesn’t really bode well. Still here is an idea for you for Mother’s Day which has all the scents of beautiful flowers and pretty packaging and not a vase in sight!

I have done a post before about the amazing brand L’Occitane and was more than happy to say yes when they asked me if I would like to try some more. Their products are of a very high quality and their body butter is amazing (For my previous review on some L’Occitane items click here). Yes they aren’t the cheapest of products but when it comes to showing the person who’s bought you up that you love and are thinking of her on this special day I don’t think spending a little more hurts.

In Provence, cherry trees bloom creating a magical landscape of light pink flowers. L’OCCITANE’s best selling fresh and floral fragrance range celebrates the poetic beauty of Cherry Blossom and its delicate flowers during the first days of spring. *source*

All the products have the same uplifting scent; sweet spring mornings mixed with cherry blossoms in the breeze. Being someone who has cherry trees in my garden I can say the fragrance is amazingly  accurate.

I really like the packaging as its quite serene and also very seasonal with the Spring Cherry blossom design. The boxed items have a nice texture to them and all the products have good secure tops/openings. I especially like the design of the Petal Soft Hand Cream which you twist the lid and the product can then be squeezed out and sealed again – perfect for hand bags!

The Bath and Shower Gel is a lovely product; it lathers up very well and leaves your skin feeling really soft too when you rinse. I also found it left a mild scent on my skin which was really refreshing and not overpowering. For sensitive skin worriers; I didn’t find this product reacted with my skin.

The Shimmering Lotion really impressed me. I thought this was going to be like many other ‘body lotions’ but was surprised too find it quite moisturising – I am guessing because its enriched with shea butter. Not too be confused with a body butter this is a light lotion which is easily absorbed into your skin leaving your soft and smelling wonderful. It also leaves your skin with a slight shimmer – nothing of the Edward Cullen (Twilight) variety but light and pretty (Also hardly noticeable for people who many be worrying!!). For sensitive skin worriers; I didn’t notice any reactions too this product, however the areas where my skin is broken and really sore I did not apply the lotion too.

The Petal Soft Hand Cream is one of my top 3 favourite products in this collection. It is incredibly moisturising on your hands (My hands are exceptionally dry) and this really lasts too. I feel it absorbs quickly without feeling sticky and you are left with really smooth skin. As I mentioned before I especially liked the packaging as it is secure and would be great for a hand bag.

The Petal Soft Body Cream is also one of my top 3 favourites in this collection. It is EXTREMELY moisturising and feels amazing on your skin. It is enriched with cherry kernel oil and although very moisturising isn’t so heavy that you feel uncomfortable and sticky. I found this was easily absorbed into my skin and left me smelling beautifully fragrant. For sensitive skin worriers; This product did not cause any reactions on my skin, in fact I found it to be very moisturising on some of my older eczema patches.

Eau De Toilette is the third item in my top 3 and again a product that really surprised me. When it comes too fragrance I am quite hard too please. Some fragrances I take instant dislikes too but this one I really loved from the moment I first smelt it. Its a light fragrance which lasts most of the day before you need too re-apply. It is a soft, fresh and subtle with cherry, freesia and blackcurrant top notes which is suitable for all ages so not aimed at any age group. I’ve worn this on many different occasions now and had several comments on how lovely it smells and surprised reactions when I tell them what it is!

The Solid Perfume is the ideal product for hand bags. Based on the eau de toilette I feel this is perfect to carry around in your bag and touch up your senses whenever you feel the need. It is alcohol free so gentle on the skin and lasts really well on too. Great for a night out if you don’t want to be carrying round a large eau de toilette and this is no larger than a lip balm!

The Soap is a pink flower shaped soap which works into a nice lather. It has a good fragrance too and would look great in a bathroom as a nice decorative touch. For sensitive skin worriers; I only used the soap on  my hands as I cannot use any type of solid soap on my body without discomfort.

Here is a list of prices for the Cherry Blossom Collection;

Bath and Shower Gel £13.00 for 250ml

Shimmering Lotion £18.00 for 250ml

Petal Soft Hand Cream £13.50 for 75ml

Petal Soft Body Cream £25.00 for 250ml

Eau De Toilette £36.00 for 100ml

Solid Perfume £7.50 for 10ml

Bath Soap £3.50 for 10g

There is also a really beautiful gift set which currently is on offer for £39 (Normally £61.50) which is a great bargain if you wanted to treat your Mum to something special.

A beautifully scented range which is luxourious, amazing quality and something I think many Mum’s would be happy to get this Mother’s Day.

To read more information on the Cherry Blossom range from L’Occitane or to order items please click here…

Have you any ideas what you are buying your Mum for Mother’s Day yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx