Back with another gift idea for those stuck on what to buy the person who has everything, this offering is from Molton Brown. A company that are known for their luxurious products.

Molton Brown products are simply amazing. I adore them and at Christmas ofter get a gift set by them from a relative. Being a brand of such good quality, they are the type of present I think that work well when you are stuck for a family member you want to spoil, but don’t know what to get. The gift set I would like to share with you today is perfect for the more mature person or someone who likes to have expensive products in their bathroom.

Molton Brown Myrrh Musk & Cypress Hand Wash and Lotion Set

Molton Brown Myrrh Musk & Cypress Hand Wash and Lotion Set

Here is some information about the Molton Brown Myrrh Musk & Cypress Hand Wash and Lotion Set …

London via Persia: The quiet of the church. Treasures in gilt boxes. Scents of occasion.
The way we blend it: A hand wash and lotion set with myrrh, deep musk, smoked cypress and incense. 
Why you’ll love it: Our limited edition hand wash and lotion gift set truly captures the warmth of the festive season.

This item comes in its own gift box.


Molton Brown Myrrh Musk & Cypress Hand Wash and Lotion Set

I was sent the gorgeous handwash and enriching hand lotion to review, so thought I would share my thoughts with you on those as part of this gift ideas so you know what they are really like.

Both products have the most amazing aroma. When you smell them straight from the bottles the fragrance is a little overpowering, but upon using them on your hands the fragrance is just right. There is a strong musk undertone which reminds me of expensive classic perfumes like Chanel or Dior, its a very mature fragrance but one that will appeal to many.

In term of how they leave your hands, the Myrrh Musk & Cypress hand wash needs very little product to produce a good lather. It leaves a lovely fragrance in the air and leaves your hands clean and soft. The Myrrh Musk & Cypress enriching hand lotion is lovely too. The matching fragrance works well with the hand wash and leaves your hands feeling soft and suple – a must for this time of year when chapped hands can be a problem.

Being highly fragrances products I feel I should point out if you do have cracked, chapped, sore hands these products may be a little rich so bare that in mine when purchasing.

Over all, I have adored using these products. Even a friend who came over the other day noticed them in my bathroom and remarked on how lovely they were – I think she was hinting for Christmas!

You can purchase the  Molton Brown Myrrh Musk & Cypress Hand Wash and Lotion Set for £36.00. There is 300ml (10fl.oz) of both the hand wash and enriching hand lotion. This gift set and many more can all be purchased directly from Molton Brown.

For more information on Molton Brown and their product range why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

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