ModelsOwn Hypereyes 3 in 1 Mascara

I’m a sucker for a mascara and ModelsOwn Hypereyes may just be my new favourite. I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘your lips but better’ lip products? Well, this is your eye lashes but better in a mascara, here are my thoughts.

Here is a little info on the Hypereyes 3 in 1 Mascara….

The wand volumises top lashes and defines lower lashes! Every lash is captured for a beautifully defined, magnified eye look!


Now if I’m a junkie for any product its definitely mascara. In my arsenal of makeup at any one time I have around 15-20 open (I know its a VERY bad habit). ModelsOwn had 50% off their site recently and I took advantage with a small order, the Hypereyes mascara was one of those purchases.

The packaging is beautiful. I like shiny things and the silver casing stands out amongst my other mascaras. The wand is slightly different in that it has a longer comb side and a shorter comb side. I’m hoping this shows well in my photos. So you can really get some volume with the shorter comb side, then comb through and fan out with the longer side. I found it this mascara is good for getting all the lashes and good for bottom lashes too.

With the stupidly hot weather we’ve had this Summer so far (32 degrees anyone?) testing this mascara out has been great. Lets be honest people, everyone sweats in this weather and mascaras are really having a hard time with smudging. But Hypereyes lasted all day for me with no fall out, no smudging and not a panda eye in site! When I say all day this was applied at 8:30am and 11 hours later when I grabbed a shower it was still good.

ModelsOwn Hypereyes 3 in 1 Mascara – (Top to Bottom) No Mascara, 1 coat, 2 coats, 3 coats with 1 on bottom lashes

Now Hypereyes isn’t a false lash effect mascara and on my own lashes I wouldn’t say its massively volumising (But I really don’t like volumising mascaras as my lash line is fairly thick and they end up looking like doll lashes)either. But this mascara definitely gives you a lot more definition. I’d go as far to say 1 coat is very much like a LV Lash lift on myself – or would be if I ever let myself have one. Its beautifully black, easily buildable (I never wear 3 coats of mascara) and defines so good. In fact if this was waterproof it would be the perfect holiday mascara for the pool!

So to conclude did I like Hypereyes? Well I can’t fault it if I’m honest. My lashes look amazing, I’ve not stopped using it since I bought it (My poor other mascaras) and for the price I think you can’t go wrong! Check the pictures, its my lashes, but better!

The Hypereyes 3 in 1 mascara is available from ModelsOwn. It costs £7.99 (I paid £4 due to an offer).