Brow Tattoo is the one stop solution for your brow needs in the morning. It’s my latest purchase from ModelsOwn and at first glances it really is very good. Here are my thoughts after using the brow kit for a week and why it won’t be replacing my trusty brow pencil.

Here is some information on the Brow Tattoo Kit from ModelsOwn…

Create and define enviable brows with the Models Own Brow Tattoo Kit. This liquid-to-powder formula adheres to each hair to create bold brow looks. Sweat and water resistant for all day wear.


I picked up the Brow Tattoo kit when ModelsOwn had 50% off across their site. It was around the £4.50 price mark, so inexpensive and the reviews were great. My expectations were fairly high for this kit. I had seen many Instagram posts of people using the kit and it looked easy to use with good results.

On first impressions alone Brow Tattoo comes with everything you need to make your brows look great. I chose the colour Blonde. Hindsight I should have chosen Brunette as I do like my brows darker, but with my fair brows I could still work with the product. In the kit is the brow liquid (?) in a sponge, with a secure plastic lid, there is a mirror and also a foldable (Very clever) brow brush and spooly. I love that the kit is compact, tidy and looks good too.

I’m not the best at filling in my brows, but you can create a fairly decent ombre brow, defined brow and natural brow by using different methods of filling them in. The liquid to powder formula was easy to work with and quick too. Not as quick as my trust pencil, but I found I could use this kit and have my brows done in minutes. There are 2 shades of liquid in the sponge dispenser and even using the same brow brush to apply I found they worked well.

ModelsOwn Brow Tattoo Kit in Blonde swatch

My issues with this kit came after application. Brow Tattoo claims to be sweat and water resistant. Maybe I have a special kind of sweat but my brows literally wiped off after an hour or so. Still, its been super hot here recently (Late 20’s) so I could forgive a product for not standing up to that heat. On a cooler day my brows did last a little longer, but again they didn’t stay put. However I could even over look this fault with Brow Tattoo, I’ve done it with foundations and other products before. What I couldn’t over look was how quickly this product dries up.

The packaging is extremely secure and the lid to the sponge and liquid brow product is very stiff. I’d like to say air tight? It really is that stiff when closed and tight. I closed the lid after every use (Which was 7 times using the product). After using it 3 times I noticed that it was drier. Hard to pick up the product on my brush less I pressed really hard. But again I overlooked this.

ModelsOwn Brow Tattoo Kit in Blonde (Top) No product (Bottom) Using Brow Tattoo Kit

After 7 times of using this product it was terrible. I could use the darker shade still, that was almost visible, but the light one was useless. This is also meant that I was taking 2-3 times longer doing my brows as I kept having to get more product and build it up. When I got to the point where I was spending more than 5 minutes doing my brows (Just a quick fill in, nothing special) I decided I wouldn’t use it anymore.

So over all I have a lot of disappointment for the Brow Tattoo Kit. On the surface the kit is brilliant. If I was going away for a weekend and using this a couple of times for space and ease yes I’d purchase this kit. The little brush/spooly is genius and very good! But for the long haul I wouldn’t waste my money again, even at £4.50. The kit is now back to £8.99 and I definitely wouldn’t pay that. I know mine may have dried up maybe due to the heat we have had here in Essex (Although was kept in a dark draw out of the sun). Maybe I had a faulty one? I don’t know. But I’m afraid I’ll be sticking with my trusty NYX Brow pencil for now which I know does the job and lasts ages.

The Brow Tattoo Kit from ModelsOwn is available from their website for £8.99 in Blonde and Brunette.

ModelsOwn Brow Tattoo Kit in Blonde
3.1Overall Score
Ease of use
Measures up to its claims
Value for money