Mini Haul and Day 1 (Quit Smoking)

I’d like to say today I’m in a happy good bouncy mood, but I’d be lying. Whenever I’ve given up smoking it’s always been the first 2-4 days I’m grumpy. So I’m afraid it’s Miserable Mel today (Almost Like an alter ego?) Still, what better way to cheer myself up than with a little shopping trip and some lunch at Costa with my partner.



My New Friends – Bleugh! I usually go cold turkey but thought I’d try a little help this time.

Town was quite busy today, but before I got there I had to have 2 hair disasters (Ok maybe not disasters but everything went wrong and with the not smoking didn’t help!!); firstly with putting all my hair up (With extensions in) into a pony tail like I’d seen in Imogen (FoxLocks Extensions) tutorial on YouTube. It was very easy but because of my shorter bits even with the straighteners they didn’t blend and it looks bad. So Then I thought I’d just wear my hair down minus extensions and it resembled somethings of Cousin It after sticking his finger in a lightbulb socket. On Third attempt with straighteners we got near presentable!
Now if my hair disasters weren’t enough I then had make-up malfunctions! First I stuck the mascara wand in my eye and had perfect ‘Twiggy’ bottom lashes (not the look I was going for) and then managed to wreck 1 of my pairs of false eyelashes cleaning them.
In reality it meant it took me nearly 2 hours to get ready today which if I was going somewhere nice is understandable I like to take my time then but for just a trip to town with basic makeup and hair…. well it was pretty crap!

Finally get to town and there’s some joy in the world! Boots are still running their 3 for 2 on nail and eyelashes! So I picked up some more sets of lashes. I’ve decided after my (forthcoming) review on lashes Eylure are my favourite. They are the most comfortable and have a lot more choice than the other ranges I’ve seen. About average price around £5.30 per pack (Give or take 50p) and I’m getting about 4 uses + out of 1 pair before I need to bin them (I’m cleaning them after each use and storing them in their containers). Also managed to find a pack with an extra free pair in so 4 pairs for £10 in total was a good bargain I thought!


Eylure 116, 020, 070 False Eyelashes

Also picked these funky Nail Wraps for Nails Inc. They did a few options and was deciding between the zebra and the pink tiger stripes – zebra won for now but if they are good I may go back for the other ones. They were £7.95 and if they last well I think will be worth the money. The set contains 24 wraps for a full set of hands and feet (Plus some spares), may try these later and do a review later in the week or on youTube.


Nail Wraps by Nails Inc

After a good browse around town and the retail park we popped to Costa for some lunch (And then to pet store to get the 6 week old kitten Cartman his collar with a bell so we can hear where he is) I went home and found another surprise – this one came in the form of a package and was my blog sale things I’d bought from Karleigh (Secret Beauty Blog).


Goodies from the Secret Beauty Blog Sale

Absolute bargains and loving these 2 products. the Illamasqua blush in ‘Sin’ is quite scary on first appearances as it looks dark plum! But on application its a dark rose I’d say and when blended looks great. It’s very pigmented but as long as you aren’t piling it on it’s good.


The Packaging – Sin


Lightly Applied and Blended ‘Sin’ by Illumasqua

I absolutely love the Nars Lipstick! As you’ll have seen from my lipgloss/balms review I like things nude and ‘Little Darling’ its a beautiful shade of nudeness! Love the colour, the texture… did I say I love it enough?

Nars ‘Little Darling’


Swatches of Goodies

So besides being grumpy and not smoking (ok 2 slip ups which is a bonus on the 15 a day I usually smoke!!) it hasn’t been a terrible day.

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx