Milk_Shake Whipped Cream and Active Milk Mask

You may have seen recently my Favourites where I mentioned the Milk_Shake Whipped Cream and its incredible scent. Today’s review is on that product and also the Active Milk Mask, to great products which I think you may need in your hair care regimes.

Milk_Shake Whipped Cream and Active Milk Mask

Being super blonde is a lot of upkeep. It’s not just the colouring side of things, but also the conditioning. I condition my hair after every wash, but also like to use a leave in treatment on my hair when it air dries plus deep condition every 2-3 washes too (Depending on how my hair feels). Finding products that don’t weigh my hair down and give it that silicone like feel can be quite tricky when you are conditioning as much as I do, but the Milk_Shake Whipped Cream and Active Milk Mask have given my hair just what it needs without all the added don’ts!

Milk_Shake Whipped Cream and Active Milk Mask

Here is a little information about the Milk_Shake Whipped Cream Leave-In foam…

No rinse conditioning & protective creamy foam for all hair types.

A deep and protective leave in formula with milk proteins that condition and restructure the hair, giving softness and manageability without weighing the hair down. Integrity 41© helps to maintain hair color.

The smell and the unique way that milk_shake whipped cream leaves the bottle is totally addictive to anyone that uses it. milk_shake whipped cream has all the ingredients to make your hair look smooth, shiny and ultra soft.

It is perfect for detangling the hair and brilliant as a quick wash and go product. For optimal results combine with any of the milk_shake shampoo range and a weekly milk_shake treatment.


My first impressions of the Whipped Cream leave-in foam from Milk_Shake were really good. I wasn’t sure how much to use, so applied a little less than if I was using a hair mousse after washing and towel drying my hair. Being a leave-in product, it means you do not have to rinse afterwards, so there’s no faff and its a time saver. Granted I would still condition my hair prior to using this after shampooing, but the benefit of using a product like this especially if your hair likes to tangle was to help with removing those tangles and adding a little extra protection there.

The scent of these products is amazing! It really is like unicorns, rainbows (Ok, maybe not those 2 as I’m not sure how they smell) and ice cream (Yes it definitely smells like sweet, milkshake ice cream). The scent is really heavenly and if you like sweet fragrances then this is definitely one of you.

Being a product for all hair types means it is really light on the hair, does not weigh it down, yet does add a reasonably amount of conditioning. I tried this on my daughters ultra fine hair that tangles like crazy and it did not make her hair greasy or lank, just lovely and soft.

This has been without a doubt a huge favourite of mine, which is why it made my Monthly Favourites. I have only been using a smaller sample size product, but I would definitely buy the larger size as it smells amazing, makes my hair glossy and smooth, plus it helps with the odd tangles too! I especially like using this product when I allow my hair to air dry (Which is recently after almost every wash). This will be a great one for Summer and holidays to apply after washing your hair if you have been on the beach or swimming – highly recommended!!

The Milk_Shake Whipped Cream is available directly from Milk_Shake and costs £15.49 for 200ml of product.

Milk_Shake Whipped Cream and Active Milk Mask

Unlike the Whipped Cream leave-in Foam, the Milk_Shale Active Milk Mask is for dry and damaged hair. This is more of an intensive treatment, so not something I would use every wash, but once a week or every 3 washes.

Here is some information on the Milk_Shale Active Milk Mask…

Restructuring milk mask for dry or damaged hair
A rich restructuring mask to deeply nourish and strengthen dry or damaged hair . Milk proteins give body and strength while avocado and rice oils, honey extracts and vitamin E condition the hair. Integrity 41© helps to maintain hair color. Hair is soft and radiant.

milk_shake active milk mask is a natural restructuring treatment that repairs the hair whilst smelling amazing!! Perfect to rectify lifeless, dry and damaged hair and filling it with natural milk proteins, vitamins, rice and avocado oils to moisturize and add a natural shine. Improves manageability and vitality.


As you know, I like to be totally honest with my reviews. My initial thoughts when I first tried the Active Milk Mask from Milk_Shake were a bit, well… Meh. I applied the mask after washing my hair, left it 5 minutes and then rinsed. My hair didn’t feel super soft like with many masks and I did think it would be one of those products that just wasn’t for me. Then I towel dried my hair and finally dried it – that’s when I noticed the difference. My hair really did feel smooth, soft and hydrated, like with other conditioning masks but it also looked better. There was less frizz, my ends looked smoother and of course there was that delightful sweet fragrance the milk_shake products have.  When it came to using the product again I was prepared for my hair to not have that slippery, silicone feeling when wet, yet my hair did feel softer the second time after using it, so maybe my hair was just having a bad day the first time. Either way, I have kind of fallen hard for this mask.

When you are platinum it can be hard finding that conditioning product that does make your hair smooth, soft and help with the damage from the bleaching/colouring, often the products are crammed with nasty ingredients which actually only ‘mask’ the problems but don’t help them. While using the Active Milk Mask I have noticed a definite improvement with my hairs conditioned, it looks better and even my colour/toner has seemed to take my evenly which would suggest this product definitely assists with porosity issues. This hair treatment does everything it says on the tin(Tube) in my books and is highly recommended.

The Milk_Shake Active Milk Mask is available in 150ml, 200ml and 500ml sizes and prices start at £11.99.

I know the Active Milk Mask (And the Whipped Cream) are a little more on the pricier side where hair care is concerned, but I do feel that if you can afford to spend a little more on something that is seen EVERY DAY then you should, your hair is your crowning glory after all, so the investment in these products is a recommended one in my books! I do recommend both of these products and yes, both have been added to my pay day shopping list, so make sure to check out my hauls as I’m sure they will be on them shortly!

For more information on Milk_Shake and their products, why not check out their Website, Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*pr sample*