Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil

I adore a product that has multiple uses, today’s review is on the Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil a one stop product which you need in your life!

Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil

Here is some information on the Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil…

Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil™ contains Kahai Oil which has even more benefits than Argan Oil  –  50% more Vitamin E and twice as much  Linoleic (Essential Fatty Acids). It also has X3 times more anti-ageing Retinol than rosehip oil (traditionally used to combat scars and healing the skin). 


Non greasy, it absorbs well, leaving a beautiful healthy sheen rather than just sitting on the surface.  It treats a multitude of skin needs, making it superbly practical as well as pleasurable.  Use direct on the face and body or mix with moisturisers.  Use as a scalp treatment or in a scalp facial as well as to tame frizzy ends on your hair.  Nourish cuticles, brows and lashes and use within manicures, pedicures or as an intense overnight foot/hand treatment. 


If you are anything like me you may have one too many beauty products (Is that even possible to have too much?). Wouldn’t it be nice to condense a bit and have something that could be used for all different ailments and that worked? Well, I think I’ve found just that with the Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil.

I’ve really been putting this product to the test and using it, well almost everywhere! If my skin was a little dry in a place, I’d put it there. Doing a manicure? I used it on my nails and cuticles to soften them. It works great on dry, cracked heels. You can use it as a hair treatment overnight (Apply to dry hair, cover it up to trap the warmth and then wash your hair as normal the next morning)! It literally is one of the most versatile products I’ve used in a long time and I love it.

Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil

I think the most poignant thing I’ve noticed with this Oil is that its actually helped to get rid of and keep at bay an issue I’ve had for years. Nothing else has every solved this problem and the Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil is definitely to thank. For many years now I have had a sensitive nose. It means I blow it a lot (Sorry for tmi there) and it also means its nearly always red and VERY dry around my nostrils. Foundation will cling to these areas making it look 10 times worse and nothing has EVER made that area better. That was until I used this oil on my face. I applied initially with my moisturiser to my face at night. It worked great for plumping my skin up and keeping it hydrated. But I started to notice the skin around my nose looked better too. So, I started to apply the oil directly to that area at night, but also in the morning before I applied my make up. Honestly, I now have no dry skin there! I still get a red looking nose from blowing it so often, but the dry patches have gone completely! Just for solving that problem alone I would repurchase this oil, but because there are so many other uses for it I’m definitely going to get it again.

Being an oil its also really cost effective. Granted the initial lay out is a little more than some oils on the market. However, it does last a VERY long time (I’ve not even used 1/4 of the bottle yet!), so its a product that’s a good investment too and you will get your moneys worth. Its been a long time since I’ve found a product like this and I’m so glad that I’ve tried it and solved my dry skin issue that’s annoyed me for years!

The Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil is available directly from Merumaya and costs £26.50 for . It can also be purchased at John Lewis and QVC.

For more information on Merumaya and their product range why not check out their Website, Facebook orTwitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx