I feel like a bit of a Maybelline junkie recently (Bad Boots for their 3 for 2!). Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on a Beauty Guru’s cult product, ‘The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer’…

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer

Now if you watch Beauty Guru’s on Youtube (Mostly the US)  you will likely have seen and heard of the Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer. This is the funky little twist up concealer with a sponge on the end (That a lot of gurus like to break off as it can waste a lot of product). I admit, I have seen it about months now but as I had several concealers for under my eye wasn’t bothered about investing. But, I recently ran out of my beloved Smooth Cover from Wild About Beauty (Post Here) and Boots had their 3 for 2 across Maybelline, so I picked one up to review it for you. I’ve seen a lot of reviews on this on younger skin (But many of these girls are 15+ years my junior!), but for the ladies out there who do have a winkle (Or 12) the reviews are few and far between. So, here are my thoughts on it and some pictures too of before and after for you to make your own judgements.

Here is a little information about the Maybelline The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer….

Meet the next generation of concealer with skin improving benefits.
Coloured pigments perfect the under-eye area, covering flawlessly. Bye Bye dark circles and fine lines. 


The formula, enriched with Goji Berry, cares for the eye area, while covering flawlessly.


Now many people use this product too highlight and do not use it as an under eye concealer, I have been using it for both to give you a fair idea of how it performs. Firstly, the sponge applicator in my opinion is a little rough. I do admit my under eyes are quite sore more of the time and so this may be why I find it rough. To get the concealer onto the sponge you literally twist the ‘burgundy’ bit below the sponge and you will hear it clicking (Think like the twist up highlighting pens, just bigger). Then you literally swipe it over where you need it and blend. Yes it is that easy.

Sponge applicator

Sponge applicator

I chose the colour Light as I’m unnaturally pale right now, according to Maybelline’s site it only comes in Nude and Medium, but mine definitely says Light?! So, maybe they released a new shade I am unsure. Either way, this was the lightest shade they did and in my opinion its not that light. So again, if you are ultra fair skinned this may not work for you.

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer

Please note mine says LIGHT – yet Maybelline’s site says it is only available in NUDE and MEDIUM. I do not know if LIGHT is a new shade or a discontinued one.

I have tried applying this different ways and blending with different tools, I’ve used my fingers, flat concealer brush, buffing brush, stippling brush and a damp sponge. I find for a less cakey application the sponge and concealer brush were the best. It really is easy to go heavy with this and get cakey, so remember little is build-able where as lots is cakey!

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer in Light - Swatch on hand unblended

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer in Light – Swatch on hand unblended

I feel like I want to break this review down now into 2 parts on how it performs as an Under Eye Concealer and a Highlighter (For that Kim K highlight/contour look)…

As a Concealer I think its crap. You will see from the images that it doesn’t really conceal dark under eye circles and in honesty I felt it made them look worse! I could tell I had applied concealer even after blending it out and found it did sit in my fine lines under my eye. As moisturisation goes, this product wasn’t that heavy, but it did have some moisture there and didn’t totally dry out my under eyes, so I would say more suited to normal/combination/oily skin types.

As  a Highlight we are talking a completely different kettle of fish! This product works amazingly well as a highlight and I love using it to add definitely and shape to my face. In the pictures I only have it on my cheek/eye areas but on a daily basis I have also been blending it on my forehead, nose and cupids bow. This is great if you want to add a highlight but don’t want the shimmer that goes with it. I find in these areas it lasts well, doesn’t sit in lines (I have frown lines but these are faint at present) and gives me a brighter look without the sparkles!

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer in light (Left to Right) - 1. No product, 2. Product applied unblended 3. Blended

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer in light (Left to Right) – 1. No product, 2. Product applied unblended 3. Blended

So, would I recommend The Eraser Eye from Maybelline? As a concealer, no. But for highlighting areas on your face yes, only if you can get it in a lighter shade than your skin tone though obviously. The highlight on me is extremely subtle as I am so pale right now, but come Summer this will work so much better! I have noticed in previous reviews about people saying this runs out quickly and is not good value for money. I don’t know if its where I am not applying enough maybe, or they are more heavy handed, but either way I have been using this a while now and still have a lot of product left.

You can purchase the Maybelline The Eraser Eye Treatment and Concealer in Boots, Superdrug, some pharmacies and supermarkets. It is hard to get the shade Light (It took me 2 weeks!), so make sure to shop around! It costs £7.99 for 6.8ml of product (Please note, link is to the NUDE shade). At present both Boots and Superdrug have Maybelline on 3 for 2, so if you want too try it, now is the time!

For more information on Maybelline and their products, why not check out their Website or Facebook?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx