Max Factor Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation Beige 55

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation is not new to the market. I want to say this foundation is 1 maybe 2 years old? I was looking for a foundation that would make my skin glow and hoped this would be it. Here are my thoughts on the Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation from Max Factor.

Want coverage that illuminates your skin rather than masking it? Try skin luminizer Foundation, which cleverly uses light-reflecting particles to create a gorgeous healthy-looking glow.

  • Subtle skin luminizers are specially designed to reflect ‘warm’ light tones.
  • Also contains a hydrator that helps improve skin’s condition to create a healthy glow from within.
  • Foundation with medium coverage with a radiant finish. *source*

I find pump action foundations more hygienic and generally I waste  less with them. The clear foundation packaging shows you just what you have used. With the gold cap and pump it looks expensive. Inside the packaging you’ve the foundation swirled with the luminizer, these are combined before its pumped saving you the time.

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation Beige 55 Swatch (Left) 1 Full pump (Right) Blended

I chose the shade 55 Beige in the Max Factor Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation. This suited my skin till I went out in the hot sun and am now 1 maybe 2 shades darker. I find I can still use the foundation but do not to bronze up a lot. I was worried it would sit more on the pink/cool tone spectrum but feel 55 Beige is fairly neutral with slight warm undertones. Generally I need yellow toned foundations for my skin tone but this one matched fairly well.

Although hydrating this foundation does like to cling to the dry areas around my nose. My skin does look luminous but doesn’t really glow. If there is one thing you take from this review, this does wake up your complexion. Skin Luminizer Miracle states its medium coverage, I agree but didn’t find it too buildable. I’ve applied the foundation with a sponge and brush and both methods gave me the same finish. One pump is more than adequate for medium coverage. You can do light coverage with just half a pump.

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation Beige 55 (Left) No make up (Right) With just foundation

Lasting power is always a must for me and my foundations. I rarely wear a primer and only occasionally a setting spray. So of course I tested this foundation on its own! Here in Essex its currently 28 degrees. This foundation lasted about 1 hour tops. I did manage to try it before we had the head wave though and got 4 hours wear (With a light powdering). So really not bad.

So to conclude, I liked the Max Factor’s Skin Luminizer Miracle foundation but admit I didn’t love it. It was lacking something although I cannot put my finger on what. I wanted more hydration. My skin was illuminated but not glowy. It lasted ok on my skin but there was no love at first sight. Maybe it will grow on me?

The Max Factor Skin Luminizer Miracle Foundation comes in 6 shades and costs £11.99 for 30ml.

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