Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow

Today’s review is on the somewhat controversial Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow and my thoughts on it. I name it ‘controversial’ as there are such  mixed reviews on whether it actually works that I had to see if it was indeed up to the hype, or not as the case for some was.

Since going back to super light blonde I’ve been trying a few things I didn’t try last time that I was always curious about. Manic Panic is one of those brands most people in the ‘funky hair’ colours department know about. Surprisingly I don’t think I’ve tried anything of theirs before and always tended to use La Riche Directions as they were cheaper, still I had a little money on my Amazon, so thought what the hell and bought the Manic Panic Amplified in Virgin Snow to see if it would indeed get my pale yellow hair to platinum.

Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow

Here’s a little information on Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow….

VIRGIN SNOW™ is a white toner for bleached hair… meaning that it is specifically designed for use on hair that is already bleached to the lightest possible shade. Application of Virgin Snow™ will remove the yellow/red tones left after bleaching and will make your hair as white as Andy’s! *

VIRGIN SNOW™ can also be used as a mixer.

* that’s Andy Warhol for those of you too young to get the reference LOL


Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow

Application is relatively easy, firstly make sure the wash before you apply this use a clarifying shampoo and do not condition after (Yes, I do have bleached hair and know what that means, you are left with a rats nest which is almost impossible to comb through, but it works better). Application of this product is on DRY HAIR!!! So if you do need to wash your hair first, wash it then dry it first, then apply this. I would recommend popping it in a bowl and using a tint brush as the product seems to go further, apply to all your hair you want toning and make sure you really massage, comb and work it through your hair, you do not want patches. I popped a shower cap over it, you can do that or apply cling film or a clear bag, I then applied heat for about 5 minutes with my hair dryer and also popped a towel on my head. Now duration tends to vary in honesty, I left mine I think it was about 40 minutes, some say leave it an hour others get results after 15 minutes. In honesty only a strand test will be accurate for you and its not something you can really ‘watch’ as your head will look light purple. Either way, once development is up, rinse and viola you should be platinum… Right?

IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT THIS REVIEW AND WANT TO GET YOUR HAIR PLATINUM, MAYBE THIS IS A FIRST TIME FOR YOU (Yes I shouted that to get your attention), the result really will depend on your hair colour to start with. Bleaching hair to platinum is a STUPID idea and really will fuck your hair up (Yes I used the F word). However, if you bleach your hair to pale yellow (Like inside a banana then you are more likely to get results).

Ultra pale yellow, like the inside of a banana
Ultra pale yellow, like the inside of a banana


However, if you have a lot of gold, orange, more of a brighter yellow then this isn’t going to do shit or VERY little. I am being blunt here but half the reason a toner of any kind doesn’t work is because its being used on the wrong shade of hair and this is ESPECIALLY the case with going platinum!

All this toner is doing being a pale lavender violet shade is cancelling out the pale yellow tones in your hair. I didn’t have any orange so can’t comment on that but it doesn’t look blue enough in my opinion to cancel out orange and its not really dark enough to do so. I have done a before and after for you on my own hair (It is looking a little darker in my opinion in the images as these were taken inside) and hopefully you can see the difference, personally I think its pretty clear. However, I would have liked it whiter, but feel due to silicone damage I have mid shaft its only going to make those areas look worse if I repeat the process as this toner isn’t touching them and they look too golden.

Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow (left) Before and (right) After
Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow (left) Before and (right) After

So, in my opinion does Virgin Snow work? Yep it worked for me but my hair was the RIGHT colour to tone. If your hair is not light enough, caked with products, unevenly bleached or super porous (As that just absorbs colour like a sponge and you are likely to end up LAVENDER) this isn’t going to work for you. I guess I’m trying to stress if you want it to work make sure your hair is the right colour to start with.

I would like to add a few points here too about my Manic Panic experience…

  • My hair was left REALLY soft. I mean stupidly soft. So, I did find this product exceptionally conditioning, more so that La Riche Directions.
  • I found the actual tone lasted on my hair only about 2 washes, so that was a little disappointing but if you are a silver shampoo user it would probably last longer. I stopped using mine so I could give you a approximate idea how long it lasts on its own.
  • The dye did take really well on my hair, it was even (Bar my silicone damage as nothing touches that not even bleach) and being a vegetable dye is not damaging at all. So, for those who have really damaged hair is perfect really.
  • My disappointing thing with Virgin Snow bar it not lasting long on my hair was the sheer amount I used. I’ve taken a picture of the bottle to show you how much was left after use. Now my hair is pretty much shoulder length but when it comes to products and sizes I use about half to 1 pot of La Riche Directions (Which is about £3-£4 a pot) and with Virgin Snow I used 3/4 of the bottle which costs 3 times more. So it really wasn’t very cost effective in my opinion.

Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow

I guess I would use this product again as it did work and it left my hair feeling soft, but in honesty I would have liked longer results. I do think if I had left it developing longer the colour would have been more intense and maybe the results would have been better, so no doubt I will try it again. Its a good product if you use it on the right tone hair and can be bought online so not too hard to come by either. I’m not sure if it will take over from my faithful La Riche Directions, but I am glad I tried it. Before I leave I would also like to add Virgin Snow is darker in colour in the bottle than say Directions White Toner. Also Virgin Snow did not leave me with ANY lavender streaks where as Directions often does. So, make of that what you will if you wanted a comparison.

I purchased my Manic Panic Amplified Virgin Snow from Amazon, it cost £12.49 for 118ml of product.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx