I love a hair product that saves me time and effort and when I read about the Macadamia Flawless, I knew I had to try the product and see whether it really did live up to all its claims. Here are my thoughts on the product.

I have bought a few products now in the Macadamia line, being a bit of a cult brand so far I’ve found they have lived up to their expectations. I love the results I get, their fresh clean fragrance and although they do cost a little more than the things you buy at Boots or the Supermarket I do believe you get what you pay for. After all, some people will pay £20-£30 for cosmetics but then only by a £2 shampoo? You hair is on display as much as your face, yet often people scrimp on their hair care. Personally hair care is something I am happy to splurge on and that’s why I picked up Flawless when I saw it.

Macadamia Flawless 6 in 1

Here is a little information on the Macadamia Flawless 6 in 1…

Macadamia Flawless is an innovative system that combines cleansing, conditioning and ideal hair refinement in one product. Immediate and perfect balance is restored to any hair type, giving gentle and thorough surfactant-free hair cleansing. Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil work in conjunction with the hair’s natural oils, replenishing hair life and health and imparting manageability, shine and softness.

– All-in-one Cleansing and Conditioning System
– Refines Hair Texture
– Optimises Styling Process
– Drastically Cuts Down Blow Drying Time
– Perfect For All Hair Types
– Surfactant-free and Paraben-free
– No Stripping Suds


To briefly describe Flawless and summarise it a little, its a cleansing shampoo and conditioner in 1. Basically its 1 step and that’s it rather than several in the shower. But while cleansing and conditioning your hair it also adds the shine, gloss and great properties and benefits of Macadamia and Argan Oil.

I literally wet my hair, apply 1-2 pumps and work it through my hair from roots to ends. I don’t really rub the ends and only massage my scalp to help clean that area. I then will often comb through my hair as I do wear semi permanent extensions and need to detangle it (If I’ve not got my extensions in, I don’t bother combing through). I grab a butterfly clip then, clip my hair on my head and wash the rest of my body etc. After about 5 minutes I rinse my hair and its all done.

Macadamia Flawless 6 in 1

The texture of Flawless from Macadamia is a little odd and do not expect this product to lather. It really is like a mousse like conditioner and thick. It will feel an odd process at first and in honesty you will probably wonder how it is cleansing your hair, but I have had really good results from this. In fact, afterwards my hair is beautifully glossy and shiny. It combs through easily and I’ve also found that when using Flawless my coloured hair isn’t losing its colour as much as other shampoos, this is namely down to it being sulphate free though I believe.

The only claim I’m not really sure about is the drying time being reduced. It does take some time to dry hair when you have extensions and I haven’t noticed that this has lessened at all.

This product being paraben and sulphate free also means its great for those with sensitive scalps too.

Macadamia Flawless 6 in 1

Macadamia Flawless 6 in 1

Over all, I’ve had a really good experience while using Flawless from Macadamia. I love the results it gives me and how it has cut down my time washing my hair. Its also meant my extensions have been in better condition and are also lasting longer. Flawless isn’t a cheap product though and to use it regularly would be a large outlay, however I think it is a good investment and I would purchase it again. I now tend to use this product twice a week and have found so far the 250ml can is lasting me fairly well (I’ve had it a month).

The Macadamia Flawless costs £23.30 at Feeluinique for 250ml. You can find it cheaper elsewhere if you do shop around (Amazon is always worth checking).

For more information on Macadamia and their products, why not check out their Website,Facebook or Twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx