Luxe Studio K2 The Everything Brush Set

Luxe Studio has landed at Boots and I’ve their K2 The Everything Brush Set to share my thoughts with you on. Is there anything more beautiful than the combination of rose gold and makeup brushes?

I feel like I’m super late to the party with this style of make up brush. My daughters have sets of the oval brushes (Rather cheap ones I should add) and they never really caught my eye if I’m honest. But when I saw the gorgeous rose gold Luxe Studio brushes I think my interest was definitely pique! I have a silly amount of make up brushes but am always in the market for more. I think I’ll definitely be adding more from Luxe Studio to my collection if the K2 set is anything to go by.

The everything brush!  Use with skincare, cosmetic and suncare products.  Works with all dry and liquid formulations including pressed and loose powder, cream, lotion, serum and mineral makeup.

Superb for all cosmetic applications including moisturising, contouring, strobing, highlighting and flawless blending.

Featuring synthetic fibers that mimic natural hairs for superior pick-up and release of product. *source*

I love multitasking products and these brushes tick all boxes and also look beautiful. Designed in high gloss, metallic rose gold they gleam. Looking far more expensive than they are. I found them very light but solid in the hand. The bristles are so soft while still being dense.

I mostly use cream products on my face (Finding powders sit on my dry patches too much). As a result I was interested to see if these really would give me as good pay off with both products. I personally prefer to use a flat brush for my skin care so did not try the Luxe Studio brushes with that.

With cream products it came as no surprise the brushes performed amazingly. But in addition, with powder I also got great results. I liked using the longer brush for my contour on my cheeks, jaw line and under my lip. The small round brush would great for concealer under the eye and also eye shadow especially in the crease. The small oval brush furthermore performed great working my contour/bronzer on my forehead and even to apply my cream high lighter on my cheeks! Consequently I found I was reaching for these brushes and using them for all sorts. Little tip, the little round brush also works great for smoking out that lower lash line if you like it real grungy!

As with all brushes I did wonder maybe they were too good to be true and would shed when washing them. And again, there was no shedding, plus they dried fast. Plus the small round brush retained its shape.

I liked the handle shape, finding them easy to use and control. It did take me some getting use too as I am used to a traditional style brush, but now I’m reaching for these constantly.

In conclusion I’ve fallen in love with the Luxe Studio K2 brush set. I love that they are multitasking brushes that give me good results. I can’t compare these to other brushes in this style as I’ve not tried them, but can say I’ve enjoyed using these that much I am going to purchase the Luxe Studio 9X for my foundation.

You can purchase the Luxe Studio brush range from Boots stores and The Luxe Studio K2 Set costs £22.99.

For more information on the Luxe Studio range, why not checkout their Facebook or Twitter.