As I’ve not reviewed a hair dye in ages, here is my thoughts on the L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 and whether it does the job of getting you to that super light blonde so many desire…

L'Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02As with all hair colourants I have used, I look at reviews and see a lot of bad reviews on the product as it didn’t do what it said on the box. Unfortunately though if your expectations of a product aren’t right for that product, well you aren’t going to get the results are you. This product is a hair lightener. You are mixing bleach (Lightening powder) so yes it will lift and like the box suggests up to 6 shades. However, and I really want to put this in bold lettering here, IF YOU HAVE ANY COLOUR ON YOUR HAIR (This means semi or permanent) IT WILL NOT LIFT UP TO 6 SHADES! Think about it, if you have hair dye on your hair the bleach you are using has to battle through a previous hair dye its not going to lift as much is it?! So please, when a hair dye tells you to strand test, do it. Then you will have an indicator of what colour result you will get and how long you will need it let it develop – this is especially the case when going lighter!

That all being said (I shall get off my soap box now), here is a little information about the Feria Colour Super Platinum L02…

Unleash your blonde power and become a statement blonde by transforming yourself with Féria Super Platinum Power, with up to 6 levels of lift. Also with our high-shine shot. With our Brass-Defy conditioner protect against brassiness and lock in long lasting colour and shine.


L'Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 - Shade indicator chart

L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 – Shade indicator chart

One thing I found when looking for reviews on this was no one had included the shade indicator chart. I took a picture to of it, but in honesty these are only useful to go by if you have virgin hair you are colouring. Also, I see these as a ‘this is how it could end up’ but usually doesn’t.

L'Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 - Box Contents

L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 – Box Contents

I have also included an image of what comes in the box, with this one you do get a couple of extras and I recommend reading the instructions before mixing it up so you know what you are doing. All the products that are labeled well and the instructions included with the dye and clear and easy to follow. In the box you get; Lightening Powder (1), Developer (2), Lightening Creme (3), High-shine Shot, Brass-Defy Conditioner and Gloves.

As with all colouring journeys I recommend a sensitivity test 48 hours before and don’t forget your strand test so you know how long you are leaving the colour to develop. This is especially the case with this as some peoples hair lifts quicker than others. Also timing begins once you have finished applying it and not from when you first put the colour on your hair.

I applied the L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 to DRY hair like you are supposed too. As I was only doing my roots that’s the only place it was applied too. For me development time was 35 minutes. Once the colour had let it develop I did a quick check to make sure my roots where that pale yellow they need to be and then rinsed thoroughly.

L'Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 - Brass-Defy conditioner

L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 – Brass-Defy conditioner

With L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 you get a conditioner like most dyes, however this one is a purple tinted one to help get rid of some of that brassiness you may have. This will only work on yellow/pale yellow hair and if you have only achieved lifting to orange you are going to need to leave it a while and lift again to pale yellow if you want to reach platinum. I left the conditioner on 5 minutes, rinsed and dried.

L'Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 Results - (Left) Before, (Right) After

L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 Results – (Left) Before, (Right) After

L'Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 Results - (Left) Before, (Right) After

L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 Results – (Left) Before, (Right) After

Now I am pretty impressed with the results. My roots are platinum like the rest of my hair although still a little yellow (Although this will tone once I use a silver shampoo but I wanted to make this review purely from using this product and nothing else). Condition wise my hair is SUPER SOFT and looks very glossy. I also think this is a pretty good product but I do want to make some points about it as I feel these may help others in the future…

  • Unless someone is doing this for you, I would recommend applying it with a tint brush and bowl. The mixture is VERY thick and its hard to get an even application throughout your hair. My result is even but I am experienced and knew what I was looking for.
  • If your hair is light brown or darker then you may need to lift your hair more than once to get it platinum. Although this does state it lifts 6 shades some peoples hair is more stubborn than others. I am not going to say that L’Oreal is being misleading in their claim, but its like anything – what works for someone may not work for others. So, bare that in mind.
  • The development times in the instructions are GUIDES! That’s why you must do a strand test, this can save you many a hair disaster and something I cannot stress enough.
  • Once you have rinsed the dye from your hair (Before conditioning), you may feel that its yellow and need to pop some silver/purple shampoo on. At this point it would be fine too. However, bare in mind your hair is going to be porous and suck that purple shampoo right up, so rinse immediately or keep an eye otherwise you may end up with lavender hair!

So, over all I did like the L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 dye. Its handy having everything in one box and the results for me were good. I am naturally a medium/dark blonde so am only lifting 3-4 shades and can achieve platinum with this. It is a little more than what I would normally pay out (I use bleach and peroxide which I have in bulk) plus I feel the developer is stronger than what I would normally use on my hair ( I use a 6%/20vol). But if you want something that’s all in one box, then I would recommend it, just remember that strand test!

The L’Oreal Feria Colour Super Platinum L02 costs £5.89 and is available in Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets.

For more information on L’Oreal and their huge range, why not check out their website,facebook or twitter?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx