I think everyone enjoys a good pampering sessions and with good quality products with heavenly scents it can transport the mind into a deep sense of relaxation and well being. I am definitely a ‘scent’ person, fragrances are important too me and can really effect my mood so I always choose products that will make me feel relaxed and tranquil when I look for Body Creams and Butters.

L’Occitane have a wide range of products for hair, the body, face and even a  mens range.

*The story begins in Provence, in 1976, when L’OCCITANE was created by Olivier Baussan… Drawing inspiration from Mediterranean cultures, he developed skincare products and fragrances that were natural and authentic, effective and deliciously appealing. L’OCCITANE beauty products are a true art de vivre devoted to your well-being. We bring together nature and research, following the principles of phytotherapy. We create patented natural complexes and test the effectiveness and tolerance of our formulas under medical supervision. We replace or limit the concentration of parabens, chemical sun filters, phthalates and silicones… L’OCCITANE is a socially responsible company, committed to limiting the impact of its actions and products on the environment.

*Source L’Occitane Website

I was lucky enough to be sent 2 products from their limited edition ranges too try; L’Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream Hibiscus Flower and Organic Shea Lip Balm Desert Rose.

The first thing I noticed about the L’Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream with Hibiscus Flower was the packaging. It really stands out and is bright and fresh looking. The limited edition range of L’Occitane Body Creams all have funky tins with great contrasting designs. In the limited edition range there is also Cocoa Flower and Desert Rose too. The nice thing about the tins also is after you have finished the creams up you can take the ‘plastic’ post out by twisting it underneath the tin and use the tin for storage.

The Body Cream smells absolutely amazing! The scent is not overpowering and when on the skin leaves you lightly smelling of Hibiscus Flowers. I love this rich scent and have to say after a shower if I apply this body cream I don’t ever apply body spray as this scent it too beautiful too mask up with anything else!

The cream is quite thick like you would expect a rich body cream or body butter too be. It glides onto the skin smoothly and isn’t greasy at all. In fact I found it absorbs really well and left my skin feel smooth and moisturised without being sticky like some creams do (I find Body Shop Butters are the worst for this).

The picture above is my hand after rubbing in the Ultra Rich Body Cream, you can see my skin appears less dry and more smooth just from the image alone.

I was extremely pleased with the L’Occitane Body Cream and there’s nothing at all I can fault on it. My skin did not have any reactions too the cream at all even though I have extremely sensitive skin which is prone too psoriasis and eczema. I found my skin felt extremely moisturised after and this feeling went on throughout the day too with a long lasting scent. The L’Occitane Body Creams are priced £16.00 for 100ml, this is obviously a little higher than you would pay on the high street but the product is of a very high standard and quality and if you look at the picture of the contents of the tin you will see how much I have used and how much is left. This is after 10 applications so as you can see that’s quite a lot of product left and I use it all over my body.

For many of you who have followed my posts for a while you will know one of my major obsessions is with lip balms and lip creams – I always have at least 2 if not 4 in my hand bag at one time. I think moisturising your lips is extremely important and many people forget that their lips are a focal point so you really should have them looking their best at all times.

The L’Occitane Desert Rose Lip Balm with 10% Shea butter has beautiful packaging like the other products in the limited edition range. It’s bright, pretty and very attractive, I prefer tub lip balms to pot ones as I find they are more hygienic too use and get less messy in my hand bag.

The product is clear and slightly oily; I would not describe this as a solid balm at all, it is more liquid like. A little of this product really does go a long way! The first few times I used the Desert Rose lip balm I used far too much product and my lips felt slippery. I now know about half a pea sized amount is more than adequate. The scent of the Desert Rose Lip Balm is lovely; it smells of roses and is subtle and fresh. I have always loved the smell of roses and found this a really relaxing scent.

My lips felt moisturised and soft after using L’Occitane Desert Rose Lip Balm. This is not a flavour balm I would normally have chosen if I had purchased it myself but I was pleasantly surprised how lovely the Desert Rose actually was. I am lucky I don’t suffer with dry, cracked lips but judging by how moisturising the balm is I am sure it would relieve these problem conditions especially for people who suffer badly in the cold Winter months with them.

L’Occitane Lip Balm are £8.00 for 15ml, there is a lot of product in these tubes and even with daily use I think this tube would last a good few months, maybe longer. A beautiful packaged lip balm I definitely will be purchasing more of these in the future.

L’Occitane do some amazing gift sets too in a variety of prices, I think these would make lovely gifts for anyone and with Christmas only a couple of months away it would be a lovely treat for a friend or relative (Or even too add to your own Christmas list).

For more information on L’Occitane why not check out their website.

Have you tried any of the L’Occitane range yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx