Little Princess Trust #HairToSpare – Charisma’s Big Chop

Today’s post is about a fantastic charity, Little Princes Trust and their #hairtospare campaign. I wanted to draw your attention to it and see if maybe anyone out there could help, my daughter did as you will see below!

little princess trust

I first heard about the Little Princess Trust and the #hairtospare campaign when I saw on Instagram KLGHair (The lovely Kelly) had posted some pics of her hubby’s #hairtospare after he had a dramatic cut. I actually commented on the picture copying my daughter in who had waist length hair saying maybe she would do it. You see teenagers do love their hair. It was almost a joke when I mentioned it to Charisma my daughter as she would freak when I would literally trim an inch off. In fact to get her to have 2″ to remover her split ends was a feet in its self! But surprisingly she watched the videos and said, ‘I’ll do it Mum!” To say we were a little surprised was an understatement, so I gave her a few days to let it sink in, in case she did want to change her mind. It was a big thing having that much hair off, but as she said, “Its only hair” and its true, it will grow again! Here is the video telling you a little more about what you have to do and about the charity too…

With Charisma it would be 2 hair cuts, the first removing her split ends so that the hair would be suitable for the #hairtospare campaign, then a second removing the hair she would be donating. As you can see in the pictures, she had VERY long super THICK hair!

#hairtospare - Before the hair cut and preparation
#hairtospare – Before the hair cut and preparation

So first of all I took 2″ off to remove the split ends so it would be perfect for the charity. We then sectioned her hair into 2, made 2 plaits which I tightly braided applying a band at the top (Which I would be cutting across) and a band at the bottom to keep the braid in shape. The hair needs to be at least 7″ long, the longer the better as the charity at present is looking for longer donations although all donations of 7″ and above are welcome!! We then measured the braids to make sure there would be enough hair there, each braid is nearly 10″ in length! Add to that the 2″ I removed prior to the braids, Charisma had 12″ cut! As the braids were the correct length and all ready to go, I said the fatal words that would finish the deal, “No regrets?” Charisma laughed, so I cut them off!

#hairtospare Little Princess Trust - Charisma

After the hair was cut off, I then sealed the braids in a clean, food bag ready to be posted and finished off Charisma’s new hair cut! She had decided she wanted the cut similar to the YouTuber Dodie so that is exactly what we went for (Minus the bangs)! I also left it slightly longer at the front, common with the ‘Lob’ trend at present.

#hairtospare Little Princess Trust - The result, a modern 'Lob' cut which she loves and a good, healthy hair donation to the charity!
#hairtospare Little Princess Trust – The result, a modern ‘Lob’ cut which she loves and a good, healthy hair donation to the charity!

Over all, we couldn’t be more proud of her. It was a selfless thing to decide to do and a drastic change for a teenager, especially when they can get super self conscious about their hair! We are so happy she’s done this and is supporting a great charity, plus hopefully making a child much happier with their new wig!

I would love to have done this myself, but alas I only had 5″ cut off my hair and it wouldn’t have been long enough (Plus I think the unnatural shade of platinum might not have been something they could use). However, you can still get involved with the charity but donating money and spreading awareness! I have popped the link here if you would like to donate money – its a great cause!

For all the information on the Little Princess Trust, you can check out their Website here, Facebook Page here and also Twitter too.

Have you any #hairtospare?

Lots of Love!

Mel xxxx