Little Haul (MAC and David & Goliath)

Oh what a beautiful morning… <sings> or it is if you are off shopping! Serious amounts of Friday Love! Can you tell I’m in a good mood? There’s a few things in this world (Non family related) that I love to do, SHOPPING is one of them. I decided yesterday I wanted to go to Bluewater and Mark was up for it, so we went after the school run.

I love shopping in the week, if you can its so much quieter, busy does my head in. I get stressed with people with pushchairs (Seriously I’ve had children, it doesn’t take rocket science to navigate a pushchair/pram!!), I get stressed with slow people and especially get stressed with people who decide to stop in the middle of somewhere busy and strike up a conversation making it near on possible to walk around them. So over preference, I shop in the week and avoid most of that strife! (I feel about 60 using the word strife?!).

I did get some goodies when shopping which I’m really pleased with. Firstly (After Mark decided he can only look and sounds interested at so many different makeup brands and so went to amuse himself in Costa) I went to House of Fraiser. I was in cosmetic heaven! Prior to the trip I’d decided I wanted to get my first (Yes I WAS a MAC virgin!) MAC purchases! I’d already decided what I wanted to buy and in what colours, so it just meant going in and grabbing. I did have a full look through the range while there and saw a few future things I’d like (I was surprised that I wasn’t OTT on their brushes! I have always heard so many positive reviews on them but have to say I think I prefer my Sigma ones) but only came home with what I intended.

(Top to Bottom) MAC purchases; Satin Lipstick (Snob), Lip Pencil (Cherry) and Matt Lipstick (Russian Red)

I was really impressed with the textures of the lipsticks when I swatched them on my hands. So many beautiful colours but I only have so much money and 1 pair of lips! I bought Snob as I wanted a neutral pink that I could gloss over that was a little more colourful than my usual nudes. I’m trying to move away from the basic nudes as they are find for day time but evening or outings I want a little something more. The lip pencil in Cherry was to line my lips for the Russian Red lipstick. I chose the Russian Red because I want to get more confidence to wear such a colour, I love red lipstick but just feel with my size lips its not always wearable. Its such a beautiful shade of red (With a blue hue so good for hiding any discoloured teeth). Both lipsticks glided on and I’m really pleased with them. I’m sure most MAC fans will know these colours, but I swatched them anyway.

MAC Snob (Top) and MAC Russian Red (Bottom)

MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry

And just so you can see what they look like on my lips. I like Snob but I’ll be putting a gloss over it, this is just application with the lipstick and no gloss.

And lastly here’s Russian Red (Lips lined before with Cherry lip pencil). I still think it makes my lips look absolutely massive! At least being a matt it doesn’t make me look like a hooker. Maybe a little bit too much for the school run but at present I’m still wearing it so it may stay on for that.

After my successful shop in House of Fraser at MAC I did have a look around at other brands. To be fair I don’t actually ‘need’ anything at present. I really want to get the Benefit They’re Real mascara but word is it isn’t out till August so will be waiting for that.

I really love Tee’s for days when I’m not relaxing in a vest. I prefer fitted too loose (Less I’m going to bed and then its over sized!). Walking past David & Goliath I saw a tee that I had to buy. Without sound like the viral YouTube video floating around at the moment (For those who haven’t see it, click here) I really do love Cats! I have 7 felines in my house hold and am potty on them. I own lots of cat type things too and am a bit obsessed with Hello Kitty, but I’m waffling so will get back too the haul. I saw this T-shirt and was in love, so after finding out if they had my size bought it straight away!

David & Goliath Tee – HISS

So that was my shopping trip for today, I was only there a couple of hours but I got a few bits that I love – YAY! Have a great weekend everyone and let me know what you think of my Haul (Or shocking red lips!)

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx