I am a bit of a fragrance addict and today I want to share with you my thoughts on Le Soft Perfume in Parisian Rhapsody, a perfect staple for your handbag that is great for fragrance touch ups on the go.

My fragrance collection is slightly ridiculous, but its something I rarely take with me on the go in case of breakages (I lost a whole bottle of Chanel Coco when I worked in my handbag and it was devastating – plus ruined my bag!). Solid perfumes are perfect for on the go, but often I think back to those nasty ones in the 80’s that smelt funny and felt like vasaline. However, they have come along way as I found out after trying Le Soft Perfume.

Le Soft Perfume in Parisian Rhapsody

Here is some information about the Le Soft Perfume in Parisian Rhapsody…

Ooh la la! Le Soft Perfume is charming and playful with a soupçon of French sensuality – perfect for channeling your inner ingénue or unleashing your dormant ‘Belle Dame’. The brainchild of Isabelle Masson Mandonnaud (Isabelle started cosmetics mecca ‘Sephora’), she has channeled her unparalleled beauty and business wisdom to create this exquisite range of natural base, solid stick scents. Cute, compact and oh-so covetable, they’re the perfect way to caress both your skin and your senses with a skin nourishing base of mango butter and tamanu oil and without any alcohol or parabens. Parisian Rhapsody is a charming powdery, fruity fragrance that’s both feminine and chic.

Parisian Rhapsody’s creator describes this scent as being, ‘Like dragonflies in love flying through the skies of Paris,’ as mere mortals who haven’t had much cause to sniff a Gallic dragonfly we found this delicious new scent to exude addictive summer notes of powdery rose and jasmine with an underlying scent of red fruits and orange. It’s a light, sweet, feminine fragrance grounded with a hint of nutmeg in a mango butter and Tamanu oil base.


The Le Soft Perfume comes in a cute little box which tells you about the fragrance, its notes and even how to apply the perfume and where for the best pay off (Make sure to look for the note inside the box as this gives you details on fragrance application which is really good to read, its behind the pull out part of the fragrance stick!). Inside is also the fragrance too. I feel this is beautifully packaged, its fun and it would make a perfect give for a friend or relative.

Le Soft Perfume in Parisian Rhapsody

What drew me to Le Soft Perfume is the packaging of the product though. Being small its only slightly larger than a lipstick tube, so will fit perfectly in your bags to take you from day to night with a few swipes. The fragrance is hydrating and didn’t feel sticky on the skin. Its light, but you can also catch the scent as you move and lasts well on the skin. I found I could apply this in the morning and didn’t need to top up again till later in the day. A little does go a long way and being a solid perfume it will last ages (Its good for 12 months!). You can also mix Le Soft Perfumes and create your own personal scents which I thinks fantastic and would be great from going from work to a night out!

The Parisian Rhapsody is a beautiful scent that I’ve fallen in love with. If you like sweet roses and a hint of jasmine then you will love this. It doesn’t have that ‘old lady’ smell I know a lot of people associate with rose fragrances and it smells beautiful on the skin. Light enough for Spring and yet easily sexy enough for evenings the fragrance is perfect for days or evening.

Le Soft Perfume in Parisian Rhapsody

Over all, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Le Soft Perfume, so much so that I’ve already been looking at other fragrances in their range and must try Striptease Flowers and Copacabana which both sound like they are my type of scents! They are compact so fit nicely in your handbag (And being like a lipstick, won’t break in your bag either!), smell amazing, are gentle on the skin and come in a variety of beautiful scents – a hand bag must have!

The Le Soft Perfume by Sabe Masson is available in a variety of scents. Each fragrance costs £20 for 5g/0.17oz NET of product and is available from Cult Beauty.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx