I have been more than naughty with this review as I should have posted it days ago! I’m really sorry it’s taken me this long and I’m not totally happy with the image shots as they were taken with my phone not the SLR – so I may replace them when I tan next with Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Lotion.

As you will have seen from my recent review on Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Mousse I bought these two together as a pack and was dubious about the mousse – which turned out to be my favourite mousse tan EVER! So I felt when I applied Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Lotion it really had much to live up too! The Mousse’s application was so easy and perfect that I was wondering if the lotion could even compare, here’s what I found out.

The packaging of Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Lotion is generic to that of the mousse – clean, crisp white packaging with a pretty understated pink and black logo. I still think the packaging from a designers point of view is eye catching and striking even with its simplicity. The pump dispenser on the lotion is easy to use, you turn it one way to ‘unlock’ the top to use the lotion and reverse it to close. The pump feels quite sturdy and gives a good amount with each pump.

The tanning lotion its self has a strange smell to it. I’d say its ‘fruity’ but couldn’t really say exactly what it smells of, it reminded me a bit of fruit salad sweets if anyone can remember them? It’s not unpleasant and not overpowering on the skin either. The colour like most fake tans is tinted and dark, so you can see it easily and see where you’ve applied it to your skin. In the photo I have taken the lotion looks black but I promise you it is a rich chocolate brown colour.

Application like most self tanning lotions is pretty easy. Firstly make sure you have exfoliated with an oil free exfoliant.

Apply moisturiser to the drier areas of the skin (Elbows, knees, ankles… I also do my knuckles and fingers), again making sure it is an oil free moisturiser as this can effect the results.

Lauren’s Way Tan applied to just my right leg – my left leg is my current natural colour

You can apply the tan using gloves, a mitt or your hands (If you want too get them looking all orange/brown after!!). Work it into the skin evenly. This tan is quite runny in consistency so I’ve found a little goes quite a long way. Due to its strong colouring you can see where you have put it. I found using a mitt on my face and hands worked fine with this tan but you could use a small cosmetic sponge or even some cotton wool if you was worried about applying to these areas.

Both legs with Lauren’s Way Tanning Lotion applied to them

Once your skin is covered and you are a beautiful bronzed goddess leave it 30 minutes before dressing. You could wear this tan out but you would look like you had been to the Med so I recommend doing it before bedtime. It may transfer onto your sheets but it does wash out on a normal 40 wash.

The following morning or at least 4 hours after application you can shower it off – do not use soap just water and work your hands over the tan to remove the excess. The water will look a muddy brown but don’t worry!!! Pat dry and voila you are a bronzed looking beach babe – or in my case a bronzed looking… well woman ๐Ÿ˜‰

My legs the following morning after showering – true colour is more at my feet as the flash has washed out my legs a bit.

Lauren’s Way tanning systems recommend you moisturise daily after self tanning and also exfoliate gently every 3 days. If you find after your first application you aren’t dark enough, then follow the steps above again and apply more.

I liked the colour result – it was golden bronze and I looked like I’ve been on holiday. It doesn’t look fake and is more of an olive tan I find – even though with the mousse I seem to come out ย more of a reddish brown. 1 application of this is usually good enough for me, I find if I use a second application it comes out a little too dark and I look like I’ve been to Barbados for a fortnight!

After five (or there abouts) days I find I usually need a fresh application. I find this with almost all tans. It fades nicely and I didn’t notice any patchy build ups or unevenness.

Given a preference I think I prefer the mousse still. When I washed off Lauren’s Way Self Tanning Lotion I noticed there was that slight self tanning smell which isn’t really appealing to me. I know you can moisturise and lose the smell but I didn’t find this with the mousse at all. I also found 2 applications of the mousse and I was the perfect colour for me, 2 with the lotion and I was a bit too dark.

This lotion is really good and as I bought the 2 together for ยฃ25 I feel they are really good value for money! I would use the lotion again but feel I probably would only do that to use it up and would more than likely stick to using the mousse – just for the colour result and nothing else. This would make my top 3 tanning lotions and if you really like a lotion that makes you dark – 2 applications of this and you will probably achieve what you want and as always – not an orange fake looking tan at all! What else can I say, the best things come from Essex (Me included!!)!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx