So I have posted before on the La Riche Directions Silver toner and how it can help with unwanted orange tones but diluting it. Still, I’d not tried it on platinum/super light blonde hair and have always diluted it quite a bit, so thought it would be fun to try it almost neat on VERY light hair. What was the worst that could happen after all?

Tutorial: Toning with La Riche Directions Silver to remove Orange Tones (Or Violet for Yellow Tones)

My hair to start with is that nice inside of a banana pale yellow kind of colour with some white bits (Namely due to silicone  damage I cannot get it an even platinum no matter how hard I try but don’t want it cut shorter), so I knew it would do something, even if it was only on the platinum/white bits. My hair currently has no toner on it at all and was clarified before trying this, plus I’d let it naturally air dry – hence the puffiness and strange ‘man bun’ think I had going on!

La Riche Directions Silver Toner - Before

La Riche Directions Silver Toner – Before

I applied the silver toner to DRY HAIR, I’d read this was a better way of getting it to take. However, I will also add, adding a toner to dry hair can be a bit of a ball ache as well. So make sure you massage it in well, comb through and massage it again so its even and the hair is saturated. It will almost mean applying more product than you normally would. I would recommend small sections and applying this with a tint brush and bowl rather than your hands.

On my roots to around 1″ the product was almost neat (I’d say 80-90% silver toner to 10-20% conditioner) and then the rest was mixed 75% silver toner to 25% conditioner. Obviously these are rough guidelines and I did not mix it accurately!

Once I’d applied the product all over I then left it for a good 25 minutes while I watched some Guy Tang videos (The guy is my hair guru what canI say) and then rinsed well with cool water, till it ran clear and the product was removed.

La Riche Directions Silver Toner - During development

La Riche Directions Silver Toner – During development

I think the thing with these toners is they can look really scary in the tub. I have included a pic of how the product looked on my hair while it was processing and it does look very Blue Smurf like, but don’t be afraid of this. In fact that very issue is why you should always do a strand test. However, I’m gung ho and just go with it, its hair after all! I will also say do a sensitivity test as always as this is still a colourant even if it is a vegetable dye and you could get a reaction. This product is also SEMI PERMANENT which means it is going to fade although some of the colours do cause staining on the hair, so again, strand test and check that out before!!

La Riche Directions Silver Toner - After

La Riche Directions Silver Toner – After

The result was quite surprising and also a little disappointing. You see my hair definitely looked brighter, whiter and less yellow. I think that’s SUPER clear in the pics. The roots were lovely and light silver although I wish they had been more of a deeper silver and less platinum. Expectation with colours can be a bad thing and usually I don’t have too many, but I was hoping for that silver, smokey grey and not more white. However, after looking at it, I then decided I’d probably do it again and this time neat and see how that played out. The results are below.

La Riche Directions Silver Toner

Over all I have always been a huge fan of La Riche Directions dyes, I think they are great for toning. Whether its a bright fashion shade or just to add some subtle tones. They can be mixed with conditioner (White is better, but it really doesn’t matter if its the cheapest one you can find as its only diluting the colour) to dilute them and they aren’t damaging on the hair although I do find can be a little drying on mine when I use them neat. How long they last depends on your hair really and its condition. Also it will depend on what colour you used, how frequently you wash your hair and whether you diluted them to begin with. But for the price and colour range I really don’t think you can go wrong with them and they will remain one of my favourite brands! As for silver hair, well I’m loving it even if mine is pulling slightly more on the blue scale I do think its pretty cool!

You can easily purchase the La Riche Directions toners online, I get mine from Amazon. Prices are around £4, sometimes there are shipping charges.

Bare in mind for short hair you can probably get away with one tub, anything longer and it could be 2 or 3.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx