L.A Girl Pro HD Powder, Primer and Illuminating Foundation

Its great to be featuring L.A Girl Pro again on the blog. Today I want to talk about 3 new products I’ve been trying out this past 2 weeks and my thoughts.

I love that its easier to purchase American brands of make up now. Beauty Bay is a huge favourite of mine which stock a few overseas brands including L.A Girl.

Recently I bought the L.A Girl Pro HD Matte Pressed Powder, HD Smoothing Face Primer and HD Long Wear Illuminating Foundation.

L.A Girl Pro HD Matte Pressed Powder comes in 14 shades, I chose Creamy Natural (GPP604) as I’m currently sporting a fake tan.

An oil-controlling finishing powder that balances the complexion whilst providing a demi-matte finish.

This creamy powder covers blemishes and imperfections whilst promoting a lit-from-within glow and enhancing the effects of the makeup underneath. Offering sheer coverage, Pro Face Powder can be built-up for added intensity. This travel-friendly face perfector utilises a cruelty-free formula and features a sponge applicator and a convenient mirror.*source*

This pressed powder is lovely and buttery. It feels soft on application and doesn’t seem to cling to dry patches. Having a matte finish which you’d expect and a light/medium coverage. I apply the powder to set my foundation. For a light coverage you could use the powder alone.

L.A Girl Pro HD Matte Pressed Powder in Creamy Natural swatch

Do not be fooled by the lightness of the swatch. This powder sits on the light/medium skin tone area. I find almost all L.A Girl foundation/powders are suited for light/medium skin tones upwards. I find a light application of the matte powder at 7am keeps me looking shine free for about 4 hours.

Primers for me are VERY hit and miss. I’ve only found one of late that works on my skin. Unfortunately the L.A Girl Pr0 Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer is not it.

Infused with skin-loving Vitamin E, PRO.prep HD High Definition Smoothing Face Primer nourishes and conditions the skin whilst simultaneously preparing the complexion for the creation of the perfect makeup look. Boasting a completely Paraben and Fragrance-free formula, this enchanting elixir utilises light-diffusing particles to create a blurred effect for the skin, thus eradicating the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and uneven skin tones.

With the ability to seal and protect the pores, PRO.prep HD High Definition Smoothing Face Primer masterfully softens the complexion at a cellular level, whilst enhancing the makeup effect created afterwards.*source*

I find the primer goes onto my skin well. It does have that ‘silicon’ feel to it. Being clear it will suit all skin tones and application is very easy. I’ve tried a small amount under 4 different foundations. I didn’t find my pores looked blurred or minimised at all.

L.A Girl Pr0 Prep HD Smoothing Face Primer swatch

My foundation did go on smoothly, but with the HD Illuminating Foundation and my L’Oreal True Match I found this foundations went patchy. Usually this would not happen without a primer. If I had to another primer I’d say it’s similar to Maybelline Baby Skin. Although this has a more ‘matte’ finish and it also felt lightly and less greasy on my skin. Over all I wouldn’t purchase this again as it just didn’t work for me at all. I know this is more of a case of, ‘Its me, not you’.

Of late if a foundation states its ‘illuminating’ then I generally purchase it. Coming out of Winter I ditch the matte foundations for something with a natural look on the skin. L.A girl Pro HD Illuminating Foundation does all it says and maybe a little more.


A lightweight, full coverage foundation ideal for creating a flawless finish.Developed to deliver seamless results every time, the PRO.Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Liquid Foundation is perfect for creating looks that last. The weightless, hydrating formula glides onto the skin imparting gentle hydration and incredible coverage so you can create radiant camera ready finishes whilst caring for your skin.*source*

Breaking down the claims of this foundation, this is probably one of the best ones I’ve used in a while. Available in 15 shades, they also have a White (Or lightener) which can be mixed to any of the shades to achieve your skin shade. I have been using shade Natural (GLM644) which is fairly medium/tan in colour. I do have fake tan on at present (Bondi Sands Self Tan Lotion in Dark) and its matching fairly well.

L.A girl Pro HD Illuminating Foundation in Natural swatch

This foundation does oxidise and go slightly deeper, but it really is barely noticeable I feel.When it comes to the long wear claims, without powdering or a primer I get 5 hours. I do find wearing glassed around the bridge of my nose I get transference. If I powder the foundation I can get 6-7 hours. Illuminated skin without sparkles or a greasy look are what you get. I don’t feel the photos do it justice at all. My skin still looks like skin. It doesn’t look cakey and there is still that natural look.

L.A Girl Pro HD Illuminating Foundation and Powder (Top left) No makeup (Top Right) Illuminating foundation only (Bottom Left)Illuminating foundation and powder (Bottom Right) Full face makeup

Coverage claims are full and I feel you could get full coverage. I apply about 1 pump to my face and that’s enough (On a good skin day) to do the job of medium coverage. I don’t find this feel heavy, nor does it clog my pores. There isn’t a strong scent and as of yet have had no reactions with my psoriasis. Over all this foundation is worth a look and I’ll be buying more shades!

To conclude my 3 new purchases from the L.A Girl Pro range were pretty good. With the primer it was always going to be a hit or miss for me. I don’t think its the primer and do feel its my skin. I really love the powder which sets my t zone great with this foundation. I’ve found a foundation that ticks all the boxes for me and love it. Plus all the products are ‘drugstore’ prices and reasonable in my books. I feel you are getting what you pay for and more. I recommend them if you haven’t tried L.A Girl Pro products before.

L.A Girl Pro are available from BeautyBay online. L.A Girl Pro HD Matte Powder costs £6.00. L.A Girl Pro HD Smoothing Primer costs £6.00. L.A Girl Pro HD Illuminating Foundation costs £11.00.

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