Keto Lifestyle - Final Goals and Progress

Keto Lifestyle – Final Goals and Progress

When I first started Keto I never thought I would be writing this post. You see, like so many diets and eating plans Mark and I have tried there was no faith in them. Yes we knew we might lost a pound or two, might lose an inch. But they didn’t feel sustainable or enjoyable! Without trying to sound like a sales person or spokesman for Keto, it really has changed my life for the better. Mark and I are healthier, happier and more content than ever. I haven’t updated my blog for so long I felt it was time to do it, especially when today has marked a few special achievements for us both.

So how much have you really lost?

Keto Lifestyle - Final Goals and Progress. 5 months progress facially. Before (Left) and After (Right) I usually add this at the end of the Keto posts. Our weight loss on Keto is pretty good, add to that the inches lost and clothes sizes dropped and its phenomenal. Sometimes I still can’t get my head around it all. But I’ll talk about that a bit later.

To date today from when we started Keto on 2nd April 2019 (Just over 5 months ago now), I have lost 54.3lbs/24.6kgs. I have gone from a size UK 20/22, to a UK 12/14 (Shop depending). I haven’t measured myself in a while so do not have my up to date measurements I’m afraid. I’ll include some before and after pics in this post for you to see the difference.

Mark on the other hand has done incredible! Today marked a HUGE ACHIEVEMENT for him as he hit the 100lb loss! He has dropped 7 jeans sizes (I believe) and at least 3 in tops! He looks absolutely amazing and I really don’t think he realises sometimes just what an achievement it is. Mark said now although the scale loses are good, he goes more by his clothes. He is averaging a jeans size drop per month. In fact replacing clothes each month and doing the monthly charity bag fill (Farleigh and Salvation Army do well out of us!) has become the norm!

What are your goals?

When we first started Keto we set quite easy attainable goals I think. Like I mentioned before, we had no faith in Keto. We had done slimming world, weight watchers, paleo, dukan…. Why would Keto be any different? I think one of the biggest things for Mark with Keto was this whole ‘instant gratification’ I mentioned in earlier posts. You see, Mark needs to see results for there to be motivation. All the other diets there are out there are great. Don’t get me wrong I’m not dissing them! But 1-2lbs a week when you are SEVERELY OVERWEIGHT just don’t cut it. If Mark isn’t motivated then I usually am not. I can stick at most things but if he’s unhappy it tends to make me feel the same. Keto was a total eye opener!

Which brings me to my achievement. In 1.3lbs I will be setting my final weight loss goal. Wow it feels odd to write that. We did small steps through most of this process. Getting down to 181lbs (Putting me under 13stone and into the 12 stone somethings) felt like an immense goal when I set it. Yet here I am at 182lbs. I know from experience having lost a lot of weight before that I do not look good below 11 stone. I have a broad, stocky build to my shoulders and when I drop below 11 I look terrible. In fact if I go to the early 10 stone somethings I look ill and my mum starts complaining. So I will be setting my final goal weight to around 164lbs. I personally feel that’s a fine weight and one if I reach it I’d be happy maintaining.

I already fit into most styles of clothing I want to now although the confidence isn’t there if I’m honest. A comfortable size 12 would be good, if I reach that great. If not I don’t care. I’ve achieved a size I didn’t think I’d see me wearing again, not after having all my children and the arthritis!

Mark hasn’t set a final goal yet, he’s still taking the small steps, small wins. I feel that’s great and he will keep on smashing it!

Changing body shape, changing size?

Keto Lifestyle - Final Goals and Progress. 5 months progress full body. (Left) March 2019 (Right) September 2019Now this is what I really want to talk about. I don’t think I have a ‘mental’ issue with my new body shape. I haven’t got Body Dysmorphic Disorder or anything. But buying new clothes kind of unsettles me. With Keto you change shape FAST! When I look at the pic here on the left of how I was end of March I believe (Just look for my last Simply Be/JD Williams post)and then the quick pic I took today trying to create the same stance I can’t get my head around it. Yes you can clearly see I’ve lost weight, lost a few dress sizes and look healthier and happier. But I still feel like that girl on the left.

I can go into any shop and almost always will reach for an 18. Sometimes a 16 if I’m feeling brave. In my head there is no way I could be a 14 and 12 is laughable! Yet I am. We all know clothes shops vary in size but before I could never have gone in TopShop and bought a top. Certainly not a 14! Or walk into River Island and buy size 14 jeans. I now find Simply be 14s too big and need 12s! But my head doesn’t get that.

I don’t want to try that smaller size and be disappointed. Before Keto I got like that when my 18s weren’t fitting and the 20’s were tight at times. I guess now I do have faith in Keto but I don’t have faith in this new body of mine!


I think our physical and mental health is the biggest changes we have noticed with Keto. Physically obviously we are a lot healthier. Dropping that amount of weight is going to have a HUGE impact on your body. But there is also the mental health aspects. Keto obviously does something to your hormones or something in your body. Mark and I don’t get as anxious anymore. When we do, we can control it better. Panic attacks still happen, I’ve had those years. But now they are far less frequent!

My arthritis is SO much better. When articles said Keto was great for anti-inflammatory diseases I was grasping at straws. Now most days I can get by without any pain meds. I won’t say I am not in pain, I’d be lying. But it’s a lot easier now. On a bad day I will take it easier and take tablets but find most over the counter things work for me now, or work better. As the weathers starting to change now for Autumn I do get a lot more stiffness and soreness. I do wonder as it progresses to Winter if I’ll get the swelling too? However, I feel a lot better equipped now to deal with it all.

Destination Jeans?

Keto Lifestyle - Final Goals and Progress. Destination JeansIf you follow my Instagram you’d have seen I often post pics of my ‘Destination Jeans’ showing before and afters. This was the latest ones I posted. As you can see a few weeks before and they weren’t going over my stomach for love nor money! Then a few weeks later and boom I can get them done up. I buy most my jeans on Depop as I love River Island ones and while changing sizes so fast can’t justify the cost of them.

The next ones will be from Top Shop and I won’t lie I’m scared to try them. I keep looking at Joni’s at wondering what size. I want to buy a 16 but as usual wonder if I’m being silly and should just get the 14 and work towards it if I can’t get them on. Any advice there would be great by the way for anyone still reading!!

Mark has a couple of destination tops. Its great seeing him try them each week to see where he’s at. I love that its more comfortable wearing different styles now and even colours! It’s great to see his confidence shining through.

So I guess that wraps up this update for us. I can’t think of anything else at present. Maybe I’ll do a ‘frequently asked questions on Instagram about Keto’ post. I get a lot of messages and I do answer them if/when I can.

I’m not saying Keto is for everyone, I just think some things work for some people and for Mark and me that has definitely been the case. Keto is life for us now. We know what we can and can’t eat, we don’t stray nor have anything we aren’t supposed too. There are days we have an extra carb or three. But luckily we just plough through it if we do see a gain.

– Mel x