Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde

Today I want to talk about the Josh Wood Colour permanent hair dye. I know what you are thinking, “Oh no, not another hair dye post.” But in honesty when I was having a browse online I couldn’t find ANY on the hair dye range by Josh Wood Colour. It was like the product didn’t exist. There was plenty of reviews about on the root products, toners and the hair mask (Which I’ll be reviewing at a later date). It actually got me a little worried about reviewing it. Was it that bad that no one else wanted to talk about it? The range looked quite simple and my roots needed doing. Plus Boots had a 3 for 2 across hair care. So, I picked up 6.5 Dark Blonde and a couple of other products and thought I’d share my thoughts.

For those who don’t know who Josh Wood is, he’s a celebrity hair colourist who has been in the industry years. We are talking Kylie Minogue, January Jones and Elle Macpherson to name but a few of his clients. So, he knows a thing or 2 about hair and colouring.

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Dye box contents

Here is some information on the Josh Wood Colour permanent hair colour range…

Josh’s genius at creating perfect hair colour has made him one of the world’s most sought-after colourists. Now he’s taken all of his expertise and formulated the ultimate contemporary home hair colour – created by Josh, worn by you.

  • PPD and ammonia-free
  • Covers 100% of grey
  • Contains special active ingredients to be extra kind to hair
  • 30 minutes for results
  • Box includes: expert colour, colour activator, salon-grade gloves, protective barrier cream, stain removing wipe and deep conditioning treatment


Josh Wood Colour Permanent Colour shade indication Dark Blonde 6.5

What I liked about this range is that there is no confusion with tones. The range is literally based on the shade of your hair. So from a consumer point of view you literally match it to your depth. There is then conditioning colour shots you can use to make it warmer or cooler. In terms of depth, I would say these sit darker on the boxes and recommend looking at the shade indicator chart on the back. Plus remember, if you are applying this dye over ANY previous tints (Permanent or Demi/Semi) it will be darker.

My expectations for this dye are as follows;

  • To cover my grey roots (Which seem to be getting a lot worse in the past year – damn you 40’s!!)
  • To blend my warmer band of natural colour
  • Applying this to my mid lengths and ends I’m hoping for a more even colour result and loosing my 2 tone hair
  • A glossy colour result leaving my hair looking healthy and conditioned

Josh Wood Colour permanent dye claims it has 100% grey coverage.

Josh Wood Colour permanent open box

The hair dye kit comes everything you need and takes 30 minutes to process. I liked the box design. It felt more safe and solid that many box dyes. The instructions are thorough with tips on how to use this kit. The inclusion of the stain removing wipes and barrier cream (Do not got barrier cream on your hair as it stops the colour penetrating it!!) was brilliant. This was unique and I don’t remember a box dye coming with both of these ever. If I’m honest the box dye felt expensive and professional. Not flimsy and cheap like many on the market. Josh Wood Colour Permanent are £10 each. A fair amount compared to some for 1 application especially if you have longer hair you would need more than one.

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde Processing

Application was fairly easy. The products are labeled so you know what to mix with what. I even applied this colour with the bottle applicator as its what most people would use. Usually I use a brush and bowl. The formula is nice, creamy and thick. I didn’t find it dripped at all. Nor did I apply the barrier cream but did use the stain removing wipe and found it worked well. I have some psoriasis at present on my head and this stung a bit (Not unusual).

Generally I found the formula felt quite nice on my head which is odd. The scent was also good.Unlikely many hair dyes which can smell terrible and chemically, this smelt fresh and slightly floral. There wasn’t that over powering masking smell either from it being too strong. I only got wiffs when I turned my head. I have a short bob (Growing out a pixie) and used the entire bottle for a full head application. So if your hair is longer I would recommend 2 boxes. Skimping on hair dye leads to uneven, undesirable results – just saying.

I left the dye to process 30 minutes as per instructions. I didn’t do a strand test, so literally just went with the recommendations. After the duration, I rinsed well and conditioned with the sachet in the box. The conditioner in this box is lovely and can’t stress how nice it is. I did wonder if it was the same as the Everything Mask (Currently in my August Favourites and will be reviewed shortly) as the scent and product felt very similar. I left the conditioner on around 2 minutes and my hair felt so soft after.

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde before after top
Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde – (L-R) Before and After Top

I have take 3 before and after photos to show the multi tonal colour of the Josh Wood Colour Permanent hair dye. As you can see from the pictures the coverage was VERY good. Before starting my roots were a warm base shade 7. This was from a previous colour that had faded and stained my hair. It has also lifted my natural hair around half a shade too. It wasn’t pretty. My mid lengths and ends sat around a 7-8 (More 8) and very golden with a slight ‘true gold’ tone. My hair naturally has a very green gold tone.

What really impressed me about the Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde was that it literally deepened my shade without effecting the tones of my hair. So the results were a very dark blonde (Or uber light brown – you choose) with gold under tones. The under tones were what was present before and the hair dye has just emphasised those. The warm patches on my roots no longer look orange, but more of a neutral tone which I am very pleased about.

There is also ZERO grey hair at all – believe me I checked! This usually starts to show with most colourants after 3-5 washes (My grey patches are extremely white). So I will update this post when I start to see fade and let you know. The ends which were fairly light as you can see from the before pictures have held that gold ash tone and are now gorgeous dark blonde. My hair over all looks fairly even but multi tonal. Not so much 2 tone like it was before. This colour is VERY close to my natural colour which is what I was aiming for.

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde Before After Side
Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde – (L-R) Before and After Side

Condition wise my hair feels amazing! It looks glossy too. Excuse the before pictures as I literally went to bed with wet hair and brushed it before colouring. The after is my hair with just a fine mist of heat protectant and rough dried with my fingers. So no false results in condition which were masked by a product. I love the glossy finish. My ends which are in need of a slight trim (Again) don’t feel dry either. Hair loss during colouring was minimal (Nothing different from shampooing) and there was no breakage.

So to conclude I wonder why there were no reviews on the Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour range that I could actively find. Maybe people don’t like permanent colours anymore! Although I do doubt that. The results are everything I wanted and more.

Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde before after front
Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour in 6.5 Dark Blonde – (L-R) Before and After Front

I feel Josh Wood Colour has really stepped up the box dye game. As an ex hair dresser I know no hair dresser recommends hair colour box dyes. I will say this is the best one I have tried on the market and I am thoroughly impressed. The results are better than if I’d done this with my usual professional product – and that’s a big statement I feel. If you want to colour your own hair and use box dyes I would suggest looking at this one. I will be using it again in the future that’s for sure. Although I feel I may drop to the shade 6.0 Darkest blonde as I feel it may help with the slight warm band I’m 99% sure will come back (Its actually my grey/white bits that fade and get this weird colour).

The Josh Wood Colour Permanent Hair Colour is available in Boots stores and online. Each box costs £10 although is currently on offer at 3 for 2 across hair care. There are 12 colours in the range.

For more details on Josh Wood Colour products, check out their website here.