Johnson’s Make Up Be Gone Refreshing Wipes

Face wipes are something I use daily. I like to use them after I’ve cleansed my face with my facial wash and are a great way to remove any excess dirt and make up left behind. The past few weeks I’ve been testing Johnson’s Make Up Be Gone Refreshing Wipes. Here are my thoughts.

Provides skin with an instant fresh look and feel, removing waterproof mascara.

Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive and normal skin types. Contains skin loving minerals and no alcohol.

A blissful cleansing experience.

Gently wipe over the eyelids, face and neck to cleanse the skin.*source*

Johnson’s is a brand I trust. I used many of their products (Like many Mum’s) with my children. Johnson and Johnson spark a feel of wellbeing, being gentle to our skin and also getting the job done. I have used their skin care products (Their Gentle Eye Makeup remover used to be a huge favourite of mine) before but hadn’t tried their facial wipes, so this was a new experience for me.

Johnson’s Make Up Be Gone Refreshing Wipes come in a resealable packet. I find this style of packaging excellent for travelling, throwing in my handbag and easily accessible on my dresser. There are 25 wipes in the packet, these lasts me just over 3 weeks but are reasonably priced and often on offer if you look around.

*Top tip to stop them drying out towards the end is always store the packet face done (So you are looking at the back of the packet on top – make sense?).

My skin is sensitive and combination. I’m prone to hormonal breakouts (Aren’t many of us), have psoriasis and eczema too (Aren’t I lucky!). I use the Make Up Be Gone Refreshing wipes mostly in the evening and occasionally in the morning to freshen up before my makeup application. While using these wipes I had no adverse reactions, no breakouts or inflammation either.

The wipes claim to freshen and remove waterproof mascara. I will say that these wipes do refresh my skin lovely make it feel clean. However, when it came to waterproof mascara it did remove it somewhat slowly and I did find that there was some trashes left in my lashes. General mascara wasn’t an issue though and the wipes did remove that. I use the Johnson’s wipes as part of my skin care regime and not solely to remove my makeup.

To conclude I’ve tried many facial wipes and found the Johnson’s Make Up Be Gone Refreshing Wipes were very good. The scent was light and not too overpowering. My skin felt clean and refreshed after using them. These wipes are for normal to sensitive skin and I found they worked amazingly well on me. Many sensitive skin wipes break me out awfully or make my psoriasis sore, yet these wipes did not. I also feel they are budget friendly, so I can see my using these for a good while from now on. They get my stamp of approval.

The Johnson’s Make Up Be Gone Refreshing Wipes are available from Boots, Superdrug and many supermarkets. They cost around £2.50 for 25 wipes.

For more information on Johnson & Johnson products, why not check out their Website.