We all know about primers for our face, but what about a primer for our hair? An interesting concept right? That’s why when I saw that John Frieda had a hair primer in their Frizz-Ease range I had to give it a go. Here are my thoughts and findings on the John Frieda Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer.

John Frieda Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer

Here is some information about the John Frieda Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer…

  • With ground-breaking Frizz Immunity Complex, this revolutionary leave-in primer realigns the structure of your hair, strand by strand, to strengthen your hair’s immunity, to build frizz immunity with every use.
  • With a blend of pure coconut oil and glycerides this primer works hard to help fight the onset of frizz from the inside out, to improve your hair’s texture and manageability, for noticeably smoother hair.
  • This primer also absorbs quickly into wet hair to ensure a silky-smooth style as your hair dries, while offering essential heat protection.
  • Expertly designed for medium-thick and wavy-curly hair types, but suitable for all levels of frizz, including colour-treated hair.


Now I have given this product a rather good testing. It was tested on my hair, my extensions (As at times I wear semi permanent extensions) and my daughters thick coarse hair. When using this product on all of the different types of I found there was different were all similar.

John Frieda Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer

  • On my own hair which is colour treated, medium thickeness and can be prone to some frizz I got super smooth hair. My hair felt good, not like it had lots of product on (No tacky/dirty hair feeling) and had a nice shine too. This product is applied to the mid-lengths and ends and I will add you do not want to get this anywhere near your roots as they will go a bit greasy. I wash my hair every 2 days and didn’t have any frizz in between washing.
  • On my extensions/own hair when using this primer I noticed even better results. My extensions which are getting older are prone to more frizz and often need to be straightened after a blow dry to smooth them out. However, I was able to apply more product to my extensions and found that the frizz really was kept at bay, probably for an extra day. I will say that when my hair did get damp from the rain on my second use on the extensions the frizz did come back slightly. I can’t comment if this would happen on natural hair, as my extensions are getting on to their third maintenance and usually after 4 I replace them. However, the results were still good an I was happy.
  • On my daughters hair I was most surprised. Her hair can be a little unruly even though it only has a mild wave and is medium/thick in texture. I had just cut her hair into a ‘lob’ from half way down her back and popped a semi permanent on, so her hairs condition was better from the cut although a little drier from the colour (It always is we find and can make her hair frizzier). Her blow dry was super smooth and looked lovely! The frizz just disappeared which was amazing and it stayed like that till her next hair wash (2 days later). Even when she straightens her hair she can end up with some frizz if she goes out, but instead this seemed to keep it at bay.
John Frieda Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer - 1 Pump looks just over a 50p sized amount

John Frieda Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer – 1 Pump looks just over a 50p sized amount

So over all the results were really good. i was impressed with this hair primer and would be interested to see what its like on really curly hair and how it performs then. I’ve no guinea pigs to try it on I’m afraid otherwise I would have! I’ll definitely continue to use this product for now to see if things do get better with time. I will say, one pump was enough for my daughters shoulder length lob and for my hair and extensions I used nearly 2 pumps. This is one of those products you kind of learn how much to use. But 1-2 pumps will be enough for most people I’d think.

The John Frieda Forever Smooth Anti-Frizz Primer is available at Boots.com and costs £9.99 for 100ml of product.

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