JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength

Having seen and heard of JoBaz Colour Removers before but not had access to them, I’ve often wondered how they would perform. JoBaz I believe is more of a US product and its only recently that I saw one on Amazon UK that I thought I’d give it a whirl. So, here are my thoughts and pictures using the product and whether it beats what we’ve got here in the UK. For reference I used the MAX STRENGTH version which is the red box and not the regular strength (Yellow box).

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength

Here is some information on the  JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength…

Jobaz Hair Colour Remover is a hair colour reversal product. What does that mean? It means that Jobaz Hair Colour Remover will remove that permanent colour that you no longer want, leaving your hair free of colour and back at its lightest shade. It works by shrinking the artificial dye molecules in your hair, leaving you to wash them away. Jobaz Hair Colour Remover does not affect your natural hair pigment. It’s the safest, most effective way to rewind hair colour.

Available in normal strength, which removes light to medium tones and max strength, which removes darker shades and colour build up.


JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength - Rear of packaging
JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength – Rear of packaging

Let’s talk about what’s in the box. Well, if you have ever used Colour B4 then you will be familiar with the box contents. In honesty I feel like I should just say that this product is VERY similar if not the same as Colour B4 max strength with different packaging (But as I do not know for definite if that is the case, I will just say for now they are VERY SIMILAR)!!. You get in the box 3 bottles, instructions and I think there were gloves (But if there were, they were the crap huge kind that would fit the elephant man!). The 3 bottles are labelled and the instructions are thorough enough to be able to follow without issues, so I’m not going to do a detailed ‘how to’ on this product.

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength - Box Contents
JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength – Box Contents

I was working off of my daughter Aaliyah’s hair when doing this. She has naturally dark blonde hair (A base 7 with gold undertones). On her hair was bleach from a previous ombre, over that 2 semi permanent dyes (To darken her ombre hair) and then a permanent hair colour which was 3 shades darker than her hair(All over tint). I have listed everything that’s been done to her hair but would like to add that all that colouring took place over 2 years with the permanent dye being very recently, so much of the colours had washed/grown out. Our goal was to move the artificial dyes before lifting/toning her hair back to her natural colour, so we knew we’d have to work on her hair again more after. Using the max strength version which is designed to remove darker shades and heavier build up I was hoping to get most of the artificial colours out. I knew there would be staining to her own hair and the bleached ends. We followed the instructions which again are almost IDENTICAL to Colour B4 (So if you want a detailed how to, look at my post here) and left the product developing for 50 minutes before we commenced with the rinsing and buffering. Here are the results below.

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength - (Left) Before and (Right) After
JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength – (Left) Before and (Right) After in natural light (Although it was dull outside)

As you can see it removed most of the colour and got it back to a light warm brown. So, not all the colour was removed. Personally I felt it needed a second application and the results were not as good as those I’d gotten in the past with Colour B4 and Decolour Remover (Which I always favour). The hairs condition was a little dryer than after using the other products too, but not in a horrific way. All we did was pop some conditioner on and leave it in a few minutes as we were not colouring again that day. As with most colour removing processes, the hair was VERY warm and coppery, but I’ve come to expect that especially when you have used deeper browns as they are contain red.

JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength
JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength – In natural light (Sunshine outside, so brighter that above) you can see the hair is VERY warm toned, but is the right depth shade of a base 7

So would I recommend JoBaz Colour Remover Extra Strength? Well, in honesty I was a little disappointed. I’ve had better results using Colour B4 Extra Strength in the past and still think its worth paying the extra to try Decolour Remover. However, if this is all you can get your hands on I don’t think its a bad product. It did what it said on the box, it did remove the unwanted colour although I personally felt some were left behind. The hairs condition was ok, a little dry but nothing conditioner couldn’t fix and the product didn’t cost as much as the other 2 I have compared it too. It was ok, but that’s all I’m giving it in honesty and I probably wouldn’t use it again as I feel there are better ones on the market.

The JoBaz Hair Colour Remover Max Strength is available in 2 strengths (Regular and Max Strength like I used in this review). It cost me £8.99 and I purchased it from Amazon.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx