Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner

Today’s review is about the new Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner. I’ve held off writing the review as I wanted to see how long it would last on my hair, here are my thoughts on the product and whether I’ll be using it again.

Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner

For many its about getting your hair to that ultra light shade platinum, but now silver hair has become big! Surprisingly enough I think its actually easier to achieve silver than platinum namely as you can work with hair that’s not quite as light (Although for best results I do still recommend that ‘inside of a banana’ colour to begin with which is what I have). Finding a toner that will take you to silver and not a pastel shade of blue or violet can be tricky, its often more about development time that it is the actual shade you are using. Still I may have a product for you today that could get you there.

Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner

Here is some information on the Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner…

For use on pre-lightened and naturally blonde hair
Non permanent. No ammonia or peroxide.

Refresh and improve the condition of your hair whilst adding a stylish silver shade of colour. Easy to use and protects and conditions whilst colouring hair.

This colour toner adds soft silver tones that last up to 8 washes.


Now I am not new to toners on my ultra light blonde hair, in fact I’m not new to Jerome Russell products either, I’ve reviewed their products before and have also reviewed one of their other toners – Platinum Toner (Review Here). The Platinum toner left my hair really soft and glossy, so I had a feeling the silver toner would do exactly that. But I was unsure of the level of ‘silver’ I would actually get. The box on the front made it look almost ‘steel’ like where as the indication chart on the back looked a lighter – which I preferred. As you know when it comes to colouring my own hair I am a bit ‘gung ho’ and do tend to just go for it! You only live once after all, so I admit to not doing a strand test to start with.

Shade indicator on rear of box
Shade indicator on rear of box

The directions are actually on the side of the box, so do not bin the box (Although its quite easy to use in honesty). First wash you hair with a clarifying shampoo and towel dry (Yes I know people out there with bleached hair this is a nightmare and means your hair is super dry and often hard to get a comb through, but the clarifying shampoo helps with product build up and the toner taking better), apply the toner to your hair much like you would a shampoo. Massage it in well, I even combed it through. You may find you do not need all the product, I know I used about 2/3 of the bottle (This can be used again another time as the product has a good sealing lid and you have not mixed the product, hence it is safe). Pop a shower cap on or some cling film to trap that heat in, blast it with your hair dryer for 5 minutes and then leave it on your hair (With the cap on) for the development time. I left mine on about 30 minutes give or take (I was playing The Sims at the time, forgive me for my lack of accuracy). Afterwards, remove your cap and rinse your hair. You do not need to apply conditioner (I know shocking right!) although if your hair does feel dry (Probably from the clarifying to begin with a little conditioner won’t hurt, I found I didn’t need it through).

Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner - Deep Indigo colour, great for toning those pale yellow and light golden tones.
Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner – Deep Indigo colour, great for toning those pale yellow and light golden tones.

So, what are you left with? Are you silver yet? Well, this will greatly depend on what colour blonde you were to start with, also the condition of your hair too will factor in. I was left with an ultra COOL, silver blonde. I have some silicone damage mid hair shaft and this doesn’t tone very well, but even that was a ashy/silver shade which impressed me. My hair felt really soft and it looked in good condition too. I was actually more impressed with the Silver toner than I was the Platinum one if I’m completely honest! I also love the smell of it – weird I know but it smells really good!

Now the product states it will last up to 8 washes and this is why I held off of the review. Previous toners in the past I have found at best lasted maybe 5 shampoos if I’m lucky while using silver shampoo once a week as well. So, I didn’t use Silver toning shampoo at all while I waited to see how long this toner would last and am pleased to say I got nearly 6 washes out of it before it was gone from my hair. So, if you do still do your weekly top up with a silver shampoo too I don’t see why it would’t last 8 shampoos, although everyone is different so bare that in mind.

Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner - (Left) Before and (Right) After
Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner – (Left) Before and (Right) After

Over all I’ve really enjoyed using the Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner and definitely would repurchase it. I think its very conditioning and not drying like other products (I have a review of a mousse toner coming shortly and jeez that was drying!). I loved the cool shade it left my hair and also think if I had doubled up the application I could have achieved a deeper silver shade (Although I have not tried that, but will at some point in the future). I was pleased with the results and how long they lasted too and as the product contains no ammonia or peroxide its not damaging either, so good for those who have really damaged hair and do not want to stress their hair further (Although if it is super damaged watch those areas as they will suck up the toner like a sponge and you may end up with an uneven result – strand test a small area). As with all colouring too, even this toner I do recommend a sensitivity test, you do not want a reaction of any kind to a product and its always best to be safe rather than sorry! So, to conclude, do I recommend the Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner? Yes I do!

The Jerome Russell BBlonde Silver Toner is available in Superdrug and Boots stores, it costs £4.49.

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