Introducing My New 16″ Halo

I’m so sorry its taken me a while to get this post up of my new Halo – but there is a little story (all be it epic pain in bum due to my own hair) to go with it!

Last week I was having a very bad week, you name it – it went wrong. To top it off I wasn’t well and just got so down in the dumps that I was a tad depressed. Halo Hair Extensions then completely brightened my week by telling me I could have my Halo for my birthday as a present! This made me ecstatic and then slightly tearful (In a good way).

To say Halo are great in every department is an understatement, but imagine my shock when Saturday (The next day) there’s a knock at my door and my postman is handing me my favourite kind of parcel – a HALO BOX!!!

So last Saturday I went and bought my usual Dark ash blonde semi permanent to run through the Halo so it would be ready for me to wear Sunday or Monday. The dying process was easy and after 7 minutes the colour was ready to come off. In fact everything was running like clock work. The extensions felt great and looked great. I was all happy and thought I’d just lightly dry them so I could try them on…. I had forgotten one slightly teeny weeny thing. My hair although coloured back to a dark blonde, I’d coloured over my high lights to do it. So all my top layers were lighter than my halo and the bottom layers and underneath matched the Halo instead.

In honesty I thought I could live with it and wore it on and off for a few days. But alas I could see a difference and if I could, others could. My Halo deserved more than that!

So finally today I went to town and bought my dark blonde semi to tone down my highlights and blend it with my Halo. Finally they both match (It really was my hairs fault – seriously inconsiderate!!) and I can now share with you my new HALO!!!

My Halo from Halo Hair Extensions this time is the 16″ Halo on a wire. I already have a 20″ but love wearing the 16’s as it gives me a more natural layered look with my hair. As with the other halo on a wire, it is so simple to put it. I can now do mine in under a minute, probably closer to 30 seconds and brushing my hair through after actually takes longer! I cannot stress enough for people who want to wear extensions but don’t have time in the mornings to apply clips ins…. THE HALO IS FOR YOU!!!

To show you how much of a difference it makes here is a picture of me ‘au naturel’ well with my hair blow dried after I’ve just coloured it about an hour ago.

Now here’s a picture of me with my Halo in. Not only do I get length, I also have some fullness and body too. Best of all you can’t see any clips as there aren’t any!

Without a doubt where my hair is concerned the Halo (On a wire not to be confused by the clip ins) has made a serious difference to my hair and confidence. I love how natural it looks, how people can’t tell its not my hair and how easy and quick I can pop it in and take it out.

The Halo can be bought in assortment of colours from Halo Hair Extensions and costs Β£79.99 for a 16″ Halo and Β£89.99 for a 20″ Halo.

Would you ditch your clip ins for an extra 7 minutes in bed in the morning and a Halo on a wire? You could if you had a Halo as you wouldn’t spend ages putting it in! If you’d like to see my video on how you clip it in and my thoughts on the Halo please click here.

Lots of Love (And thanks to the Halo Team for making my life easier!!),

Mel xxxx