Review Bourjois Healthy Mix, Rimmel Lasting Finish, Chanel Vitalumiere Foundations (Do they last?) – In For The Long Haul

This isn’t going to be a typical review for foundation. I was curious to be honest and as I needed some more foundation I thought I would do a little experiment <puts on her white lab coat>.

Like many women I wear foundation of some form daily (Whether its heavy,  medium, light or a tinted foundation but always liquid based and rarely powder – less I’m setting it) and always find by the end of the day I’m having to touch up if I’m going out. Sometimes even after a few hours. With Summer upon us (Well at times, got to love the British Weather!) its hard to find a foundation that can deal with the forces of nature – sun, rain, wind etc. I want a foundation to last me, maybe not the full 16 hours some claim but at least say a working day – 8 hours. I’ve tried various things and ways to make my foundation last – primer, setting with powder, leaving my moisturiser time to set etc. But still find it doesn’t seem to help. That was before the ‘new’ wave of lasting foundations hit the market claiming they could last hours on end.

This review isn’t so much on the ‘finish’ of the foundations although I will include it but on how they last throughout a normal day in June/July. Each foundation was tried over a 4 days so it had varying factors of weather and different things going on. I felt this gave it a fair testing.

The 3 I have chose I’ve also picked because I wanted to make it a price comparison too (Does expense always mean better quality?). But please bare in mind this is just my opinion and based on my skin (Combination skin – mainly dry with some greasy areas on forehead and nose). My high end product also doesn’t ‘boast’ its a long lasting foundation but in my eyes it is. So I’m including it.

The 3 products in this review are;

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation (25 hours) Shade 200 Soft Beige £6.99 (Boots)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (16 hours) Shade 55 Dark Beige £9.99 (Boots)

Chanel Vitalimiere Foundation Shade 40 Beige £33.00 (Boots)

Quite a large price difference I thought but lets see which one is the best. I tested each one for various things; lasting factor, coverage, ease of application, look, smell, skin reactions (I have sensitive skin) and also the price factor (Were they worth their cost).

Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation is the cheapest product in this review. As with all Rimmel products they have a very good range and you can often find them on offer at Boots (I bought this on a 3 for 2 offer but am basing the review on what the foundation costs ). At £6.99 and with a boasting claim of up too 25 hours I felt it had a lot to live up too. Online they show the shade range as 6 but I am almost positive there was a much greater shade range in Boots (I could be wrong). I know I had a little trouble getting the right shade and still feel the one I have chosen is a little too ‘orange’ based for my liking. I find this often with Rimmel for some reason. It was however the closest match I could get.

The foundation glided on really well, wasn’t too runny and application and coverage was good. I would say this is a medium coverage foundation. I still needed to add a small amount of concealer over some of the darker blemishes but not as much as with other foundations. It did give me a nice ‘fresh’ appearance and my skin didn’t look matt or dull. So I had a nice healthy glow. I think this is down to the mineral complex in the foundation.

Rimmel Lasting Finish. This image is taken with nothing but the foundation on. You can see it is reasonably good coverage, my skin is ‘dewy’ and looks fresh and some blemishes are hidden. Applied using a Sigma F60.

The foundation had 2 hot days, 1 raining day and 1 overcast warm day so had a good test to humidity and general weather conditions I didn’t find it transferred onto clothing nor did it rub off easily. I did find after about 4 hours it wasn’t looking quite as good as it did when I first applied it but there was still reasonable coverage and it was passable. After 6 hours I was needing to retouch but I didn’t as I wanted to see how the foundation would hold till I removed my makeup before bed. After 10 hours I was looking pasty, washed out and uneven! By bedtime I was looking like I’d slept in my makeup and it was the morning after, this was after 14 hours. I don’t really see how this foundation would last 25 hours less you powdered it very well, touched up throughout the day and didn’t leave the house to face any weather/humidity conditions. Maybe if you were cryogenically frozen?

I thought that Lasting Finish did had a scent too it. Not unpleasant but slightly sweet and synthetic. Once on I couldn’t really smell it but I wasn’t over the moon with the smell. After 2 days of wearing this foundation I also had a slight out break. I have found this before with Rimmel foundations but as this was a budgeted priced one I wanted to try it for the review.

Over all Rimmel’s Lasting Finish foundation did very well I thought for the cheapest of the 3 I tested. As a budget foundation it was good, not something I would buy again I’ll be honest to say but that was due to the reaction I had more than anything. It felt light on, look reasonably good and if you don’t mind touching it up later on then it it worth a purchase. The shade range could be larger and I do think Rimmel need to work on their tones of foundation (Not everyone wants to look orange!). At £6.99 I am giving this a 6 out of 10. Maybe harsh but this is purely from my outbreak and lack of lasting throughout the day, maybe you wouldn’t mind this so it wouldn’t be a problem to you.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation is my middle range product. I find most foundations I use on a day to day basis around the £10 range and this was £9.99. I’d heard a lot of Beauty YouTubers use this product so was keen to try it to see if I agreed with them but also because it claimed to last 16 hours so fit perfectly with this comparison review. Bourjois have a fantastic range of products and I’ll admit to being a bit of a fan but mainly of their eye products. I’d not tried one of their foundations before nor had I looked at that part of their range so was surprised to see how big it actually was! Their shade range online at Boots is crap! In store I was pleased to see a lot more choice, with my skin tone I had a choice of 2 and found (On this particular day) with my fake tan as it was that I was a shade 55 Dark Beige. I also loved that their shades looked more ‘warm’ than orange which suits me down to the ground!

The foundation went on lovely! It glided on well and a little went a long way! I did think it was a little runnier than some foundations and ended up applying the foundation directly to my brush rather than my hand first. Once the foundation was on I did have a nice dewy complexion (Probably due to all the fruit extracts in it) and looked radiant but I felt it toned me out a little too much and made me look – well pale maybe? I combated this with some bronzer but you should see what I mean with the image below. Again I’d say this is a medium coverage foundation, slightly heavier than the Rimmel. Coverage was better on blemishes and I only concealed under my eyes and around my nose. It says its a semi-matt finish but I didn’t feel it was in any way matt at all and made my skin looked well nourished and fresh.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. This image is taken with nothing but the foundation on. You can see it is reasonably good coverage, my skin is ‘dewy’ and looks fresh and most blemishes are hidden. I felt it evened me out a little too much. Applied using a Sigma F60.

The foundation was tested out on 2 hot and 2 rainy days. Bourjois Healthy Mix claims to last up to 16 hours, not as long as Rimmels (Who actually needs a 25 hour foundation?!) but as most normal days consist of about 14-16 hours it is more of a realistic foundation (If it works). After 4 hours it was still looking good, just as when I had applied it. 6 hours it was still good, no transfer and it didn’t seem to be rubbing off if I touched it (So better than Rimmel at this stage). After 10 hours it was showing signs of wear and did need retouching but I held off to see what it would look like before bed. At bedtime 14 hours after application it was showing a lot of wear but there was still coverage there and it was at least even looking.

Healthy Mix does have a scent too it, this is slightly stronger than Rimmel and I could smell it on my skin for a while (Till I was used too it I guess). It’s not unpleasant, quite fresh and mildly fruity.I did not find with Bourjois that my skin had any reactions at all and there was no outbreaks or dryness. Considering this foundation is oil free I was surprised by the lack of dryness (I have eczema on my face and it covered it well without irritations).

Overall I think Bourjois Healthy Mix had a lot going for it. It looks good on, is a reasonable price, covers well (As long as you apply bronzer as I looked pasty) and lasts almost 16 hours. This product would be a lot easier too touch up if you were going out after 8-10 hours and would still be wearable. I thought the scent was ok, I had no reactions to the product and have to say I think I’ll be trying more Bourjois foundations from now on. I can see why it has won awards and will use it again. It isn’t my favourite foundation of all time, but it will remain on my list of ones I use. For £9.99 it was worth its money, being only £3 more than Rimmel’s foundation it had more plus points to it. I gave this foundation 8 out of 10 as I really liked it (I’m also wearing it in my Sleek Curacao Palette Review if you want to see it there).


Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation is my high end product. At £33 (I think it’s slightly cheaper in Debenhams) it is pricey and not affordable to everyone. Chanel doesn’t boast this as a long lasting foundation and maybe it shouldn’t be in this review because of that purpose, however I wanted to include it for the following reasons; firstly I needed a high end product for this comparison study, secondly it is very good at staying power and lastly I couldn’t afford to buy another high end product (Spent too much money on the lash lengthening comparison study that will be posted in 7 weeks – woops!). As with most high end brands the shade range for Chanel is amazing! I don’t think it quite compares to MAC but their range is very good. I could have used Clinique or Estee Lauder but I have had reactions to both their ranges and didn’t want to spend out money on them and not ‘reap the benefits’ so to speak. The other thing I love about Chanel products is their customer service and assistance. As a rule I always get the sales assistant to colour match me so I know what I am buying is a perfect match for me – I find their experience out ways mine and there’s nothing better than having yourself made up for free (Less it’s by Benefit as I have NEVER yet found a decent Benefit sales assistant who didn’t scare me!). I am actually matched to 2 different shades by I personally prefer shade 40 Beige as it’s a little deeper and better when I have fake tan on.

Application of Vitalumiere is fantastic. It goes on smoothly and leaves your skin feeling soft and looking dewy. The coverage is amazing (Can you tell I am a HUGE fan?) and I find I need little or no concealer when using it. I would say it is a medium to heavy coverage but more on the medium side of the scale (Could I be more confusing?). I like that I don’t need to apply a lot of it and a little goes a very long way. I also like the finish, its satin smooth but also leaves you looking fresh faced with a slight sheen that’s not too shiny (So you are reflection light left right and centre) but more healthy and almost sun kissed.

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation. This image was taken with nothing but the foundation on. My skin is ‘fresh’ looking, quite even toned with a sheen that is not as noticeable as with Rimmel and Bourjois, most blemishes are hidden. Applied using a Sigma F60.

I have used this foundation under numerous weather conditions, from hot sun too raining cold days. I find no matter what the weather it doesn’t come off easily and lasts very well. After 4 hours there is no change to the foundation at all. 6 – 10 hours and there’s still no change. At 14-16 hours after application there is minimal signs of wear to the foundation. I don’t think you can knock that at all when it isn’t labelled as a lasting foundation like the other 2 claim in this review.  There is some transfer I have noticed but it is minimal and doesn’t seem to show where your face in concerned. I do find when I am wearing eyeshadow with Chanel Vitalumiere that I seem to get more creasing than ever and also when you apply concealer it can look a little ‘cakey’ under the eye. I have found the only way around that is by using something like YSL Touche Eclat or Sleek Luminaire Highlighting Concealer (Just something to bare in mind).

Vitalumiere’s scent is very mild. I can smell it faintly but do not smell it once its applied at all. The smell is mildly sweet and fruity (Much like the other foundations in this review just not as strong) and not overpowering at all. I have no reaction to it at all and find it’s good on my skin. The only down side of it as I said above is that with concealer it can look cakey but that can be easily combatted.

Over all if money was no object I would use Chanel Vitalumiere on a daily basis. I really love this foundation, however do I think it is worth £33 – no. You are paying for the brand and although the quality is there and it really is a very good foundation I don’t believe it is worth that at all. I use this foundation mainly for when I have a long day and won’t be able too touch up my makeup or if I am going out somewhere special. I can’t really afford to be shelling out the £33 as often as I would need too and can’t justify it either. As high end foundations go (I have tried a few over the years) I do like it and love that my skin doesn’t have a reaction too it but hate that concealers (That I’ve tried) seem to have issues with it (Have you found one that works well with it?). I will give this 9 out of 10, on the basis that the concealer and cost issues knock it down 1 point.


Now for my final conclusion which may surprise you somewhat, which one out of the 3 do I think it best? Best value for money, best coverage etc. Well, as a money conscious person as much as I’d like to say it would be Chanel Vitalumiere I can’t. I have to say I think Bourjois Healthy Mix would win this debate. It is very good value for money, has good coverage, a reasonable shade chart so most people should be able to find their correct shade and I like the finish it gives off. I had no reaction to it, don’t have trouble with any concealer I tried with it and also am wearing it today (See my MOTD post yesterday) and have had no problems with creasing of my eyeshadow. It does almost live up to its claim of 16 hours which impresses me a lot and as much as I hate to ‘go along with the herd’ of others who praise it, I agree it really is quite good.

So if you want a middle of the range priced foundation that (Almost) does what it says on the bottle, chose Bourjois Healthy Mix.


Lots of Love,


Mel xxxx