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I Like to Fake It – Review of False Eyelashes

My quest to actually be able to apply false eye lashes has only taken 20 odd years but I got there in the end. I’ll add I haven’t tried all that time but I do feel as I adapt and pick up techniques quickly this is one of the things I’m amazed that its taken me this long!

I purchased 3 sets of lashes; Eylure Naturalites 020 £5.31, Ardell Fashion Lashes 109 £5.11 and Boots Get Lashes ‘Get Pretty’ £6.64.

I chose these 3 sets for no particular reason in looks but so they were all relatively priced the same and wasn’t comparing so much on look but on quality, ease and packaging etc.

Eylure Naturalites

Eylure are lashes I think a lot of people have heard off. They seem to have the largest ranges in Boots and Superdrug compared to other brands and I’ve seen many YouTube beauty gurus use them. At such a reasonable price I was looking forward to trying these.
The glue without a doubt was the best out of all the lashes I tried. In some cases which I’ll go into later it was the only glue you could use with the other lashes as their glues just didn’t work at all!
The lashes claim to be lightweight and I agree and were very comfortable when on. I also found when I cleaned them after wearing them (A Great HOW TO on this is by a Beauty Guru who I follow named Emily at Beauty Broadcast) I was able to use them again for 4-5 times (On the fifth time they were looking a little straggly).
The quality of how they were made looked good and the packaging was basic but attractive. I could easily see the lashes in the box so I knew what I was choosing.
Inside the box is a little plastic show case where the lashes are attached and they are also labeled L and R so you know which one goes were (Obvious with most lashes but not all, so very handy).
They come with an instruction leaflet on how to apply the lashes (Which was detailed and helpful) and the Eylure glue.
Without a doubt these were my favourite lashes, they looked great and felt good too. My partner didn’t realise until I said that I was evening wearing them. As I said the quality was very good and I have purchased more of this brand since in other styles too so I am more than happy with this brand. What do you think?

Although I wasn’t doing it on the actual style (020) I really love these ones.


With my eyes closed I felt they looked seamless, almost like they were my own lashes.


Side on, nice length. I did not apply black mascara over my own lashes and only had clear on before I applied them. So was really impressed with how they blended.


Ardell Fashion Lashes 109

The Ardell Fashion Lashes were another brand I’d heard great things about. Being the cheapest of the bunch and a good name I had high expectations I’ll admit.
The lashes packaging is a sleek sexy black box I loved this and the little case inside complete with a secure closure so your lashes were protected was another great bonus. The lashes came with an instruction leaflet which was ok and glue which was in honesty was crap. I tried 4 attempts with their glue and got no where bar the corners of the lashes pealing upwards. In the end I tried with the Eylure glue and got a result.
Now I somehow managed to lose the first pictures I took of me wearing them so have done some more tonight, but I’m hoping you will see what I mean with my next comments.
The first time I wore them they were comfortable, looked nice (Maybe a little shorter than I wanted but as I said this wasn’t really about style) and seemed good quality. This was however till I took them off. Unlike the Eylure and Boots lashes, the Ardell lashes seem to move on their mount (where you glue) which means they lose their shape VERY quickly. They also malted and a few went, this all happened after wearing them once for 4 hours in the day time. Again I only applied clear mascara and this was before the lashes were applied and not after.
I was very disappointed by these developments. They are ok, but I honestly would rather pay the extra 20 pence and get the Eylure ones. Maybe I had a bad batch I’m not sure. Has anyone has anyone got any good/bad comments on Ardell lashes?

If you look at my left eye you will see the lashes look uneven and almost clumpy.


They do look nice and full closed but again the left one still looks uneven where the lashes have moved on the band.


Slightly blurry but I wanted to show they curl etc.


Boots Get Lashed ‘Get Pretty’

Lastly and by no means least we have the Boots Get Lashed lashes in ‘Get Pretty’. Silly thing, I liked they were actually called something rather than a number. ‘Get Pretty’ were a lovely set of lashes in style but again this wasn’t about style. These are also my second favourites on this review.
Packaging was pretty, I liked that and again like the Ardell lashes they had a little case that the lashes were stored in. The box contained the lashes, glue and instructions which were basic compared to the others. But by this point I wasn’t bothered but first timers may need additional help!!
The lash glue was totally useless! I’ve seen more staying power with a Pritstick (for those that know what one is). So again, after a few attempts with the Boots glue I went straight back to Eylure and they stayed put. These were the most comfortable out of all the lashes but only after I had trimmed them. I would say that these lashes would be good for people with large eyes as I had to snip a few of the lashes off the end to fit mine.
They were very soft and very comfortable and I felt very happy with the small increase in payment for them.
I have used these lashes 3 times now and they are still in fairly good condition, I would guess maybe 1 or 2 more goes with them.
The bad point about Get Lashes from Boots is there only seems to be a few styles. My Boots is fairly large (we in fact have 3 stores in my town) but all of them only had 2-4 sets of lash styles. Rather disappointing I thought. Maybe however they will bring more styles out.
These were also the easiest to clean as I put them in their little tray and wiped them there and it made things so much easier!

Very wonky application, that’ll teach me being half asleep. They were soon altered and looked great again!


Soft and very comfortable, I also liked the style.


Side view, but bad lighting I’m afraid at least you get the gist.
I’ve really enjoyed doing this review as its meant I now can apply a set of lashes in about 5-7 minutes unlike before where I’d be swearing 30 minutes later with mascara everywhere! I also have fallen in love with false eyelashes. I don’t think I’d wear them everyday as I’d worry about possibly damaging my own lashes, but I think when going out I could easily be swayed.
I was surprised by the results too, I honestly thought Ardell would come out on top, but instead they were last. I may try another set of Ardell at another date if they are on offer, but for now I’ll still go to Eylure and Boots (if they get some more styles).
I hope you enjoyed my review. I will also put up a step by step guide to how I apply mine. I’m not very good but some of my tips may help someone else out there.
Lots of love,
Mel xxxx