HOTD/FOTD: Retro Ponytail (Hair Extensions) and Winged Green Liner

Its been ages since I did a HOTD or FOTD, so while wearing my retro ponytail today I thought I would include one – I don’t look too shabby after all…

HOTD/FOTD: Retro Ponytail (Hair Extensions) and Winged Green Liner

I’ll start with my hair as its probably more complicated that it looks using hair extensions, but in honesty it really isn’t. Although I have not done this using a Halo, you easily could – my Halo in my current hair colour is only 16″ and I wanted something a bit longer. However, if you want me to do a quick video tutorial on how to do it, just ask.

Right, the hardest part (And its really not hard just different) is clipping in the extensions. Here’s how to do it…

  1. Section the top part of your hair you are going to be ‘puffing’ up and making your mini beehive with and clip it on top of your head for now (We don’t need it yet).
  2. Now, take a section about 2 inches from your nape hairline and clip in a 2 or 3 clip weft, but upside down. So the clips will be clipped in upwards, as a posed to the normal downwards motion. Let some hair down (Much like you would when you normally clip in extensions), but only a little and repeat with the clips going in upside down. I know it looks silly but bare with me.
  3. Once you get to there only being a small amount of hair left level with just above your ears, you then want to clip in 1 final weft the normal way. This is where the pony tail will be level. If you don’t want it higher, then clip in more hair or take bigger sections. I only use 3 wefts for my pony tail and my hair is shoulder length.
  4. Next you want to work on the beehive section. Taking some hair at your crown back-comb it and spray it, this will help hold the volume in. Then pull the top section back over the back combed area, give it a little twist and push upwards. Its better to do this with your hands if you can and not a brush. Pin this with 2 curby/hair grips in a cross manor as it holds in place better. Spray in place.
  5. Now gently brush the remaining hair into a ponytail making sure all the clips are hidden under your hair and none and showing. You should be able to place it on top of or just below the hairgrips, so they aren’t visible. And its done!

That probably sounds a lot harder than it actually is, but only takes about 5-10 minutes tops to do it. It looks retro and sleek and is perfect for the day or evening. You don’t have to use extensions obviously, but my hairs short so it makes life easier. The extensions I used for this tutorial are my ClipHair 18″ Double Wefted extensions (A review is here of my set), but these have been coloured to a medium brown and have subtle red ombre ends. I used 2 x 2 clips wefts and 1 x 3 clip weft.

HOTD/FOTD: Retro Ponytail (Hair Extensions) and Winged Green Liner

I kept my face looking fresh and clean and only really played with my eyes. My foundation, blush and contour were all the same as I usually do daily. Products used were;

Base – Maybelline SuperStay 24Hour Foundation and Powder both in Sand

Cheeks/Contour – Sleek Contour Kit in Light and Natural Collection Blusher in Peach Melba

Eyes – Sleek Makeup Curacao Palette Apres Midori (Green), Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black and GOSH XXL Boombastic Mascara

Lips – Sleek Makeup Pout Polish in Bare Minimum

The main work was coating my lower lash line with Apres Midori and pulling this out to a natural wing. I then worked my gel liner along my upper lash line and followed the wings line from the shadow, this gave a subtle yet beautiful pop of colour on my lower lash line while making my eyes slightly wider. 2 coats of mascara finished my eyes. Pout polish on my lips and you are done!

Overall, my makeup probably took 3 times longer than my hair! Its a great sleek look with a retro feel. I love mixing up the colours of my liner too. I was wearing this look a lot last year and favoured blue and purples then on my lower lashes.

Let me know if you want to see more of these tutorials or if you would rather I film the hair ones so they are better explained too.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx